Monday, December 05, 2011

Let Happiness Strike! (Coca Cola Christmas Gift)

It's December! What a nice month with the festive mood looming! Yes, Christmas is so near!!!

There's many reasons to celebrate the festive season.. and while presents & good food is nice (really nice!), but I guess the most important thing of all - is being with your loved ones!

And this Coca Cola Christmas campaign surely tops that.. bringing a few Pinoys (yes, it's from the Philippines!!!) working overseas back to their home country just to see their loved ones.

This maybe a very simple thing for a big brand, but it is really impactful.

Just see how hearts are touched.. first of course, are the ones reconnected after years of not being able to see each other! Wow!

But also more so,  this video has spread the Christmas joy.. see how many people have reshared this on their Facebook wall, and read the comments that follow. Double Wow!

Truly, a Christmas gift so warm.

A Merry Early Christmas, everyone!!! :)

*There's still time to write to Santa

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