Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#Makeadifference Christmas

Seeing the Coca Cola Christmas campaign kinda touched and inspired me.. more than one way.

It somehow gave me the inspiration that maybe I too can do something this Christmas period.. touch some lives. Make a difference.. small or big.

Now this is not something I've really done before..

My first idea was to just donate my 50+1 Malaysia books to some underprivileged kids.. since I know some school students were looking for it for their studies.

I told this to my buddies, Arico and Erika.. and they agreed to come on board. But with them too did the idea expand.. and soon, we were looking at 500 recipients receiving goody bags.

I sent out a FB message to a few closer friends bout the idea, and while some dropped off (unsubscribed to the message :( ).. but some came on board! Yay!

One other blogger friend, Merryn, even posted the idea on her networks.. and soon we were getting some messages on people wanting to chip in in donating for the goodies.

At the same time I called a few friends who own businesses to assist in providing additional goodies. So we now had snacks, the bags, books, even apples!

We went to Giant to get the goodies! How we looked for the 'good deals' given our budget was quite something!

While I was busy collecting these stuff from the sponsors, Arico called the homes for us to visit. Then, 2 nights before, we went 'shopping' with Abby to get the stationeries. Now the bag is pretty complete (awaiting the apples to be collected on the day itself).

Soon, was the day! Eunice and her friends came to help out (I'd like to call them the 'lil elves' cos they were the people behind packing all the goodies!) :) Abby and Ben came too to assist. Whew! (We needed as many hands!).

Owh for some funnnnn :)

I had estimated 3 hours but we took a total of 4 hours to complete the task. Wow!

All bags have an inspiring quote attached. No guessing whose idea is this. Hehe

In the afternoon, arrived Fufu and Erika, and while the 'lil elves' went back, the Santas and Santarinas were ready to roll! 3 cars full from bonnet to passenger seats, off we went!

But first a quick stop - to Sushi Q to collect the sushi they specially prepared for the kids!

The next few hours were spent on the road, and visiting the 7 homes around Kay El and Pea Jay (and including a pit stop break to refill too).

Each kid were given the goodie bags.. and we played some games too - yeah, they had to answer some simple questions to win the additional toys we bought!

Erika dressed well for this.. as the Santarina, and played a good host!

I must say seeing some of the kids smiles were the joy of the day! While it's no big thing, but still we hope we made a difference one way or rather (back to the reason all these started :) ).

This was already towards the end of the day.. it's interesting to see we are all quite in a jovial mood Haha!

At the end of the day, after all the tiredness, we had durians! Haha!

*Thanks to JJ Snacks, AEC Holdings, Sushi Q, all donors & friends, and all who was part of this. Yay!

Owh and to say all these are done in about a week or so.. this sure is quite something lah Haha! :)

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