Thursday, December 15, 2011

Special Invitation: Royal Hair Treatment By Biolyn

Last week I had a blogger's meeting.. and there's some good news!

I've got invites to the new HairSpa in town.. and they are giving some Cool & Exclusive invites to readers of this blog!

First off - some background of the company. Biolyn which was established since 2002 is a healthy hair management company that have peptides and saccharides' to promote thick hair formula.

In simple layman terms - it helps for people to maintain (some grow) back that precious hair of yours! :)

Moving from just products per say, they are also opening up their very 1st hair spa here in Malaysia!

Now, this is like a normal hair salon.. but more. Apart from just hair cut & wash, there's also the hair care & scalp care treatments to pamper your hair!!

And here is where the interesting part comes about!

The 1st 20 invites get to come for free, while the next 20 will only need to pay RM10! :)

Exclusive to readers of this blog, Biolyn is offering Royal Hair Treatments (worth over RM80) to the first 20 invitees! 

This is like a get-together for readers & friends of this blog & myself, and we will all get to have our hair cut, washed, treated.. and so do our scalp get some treatment!

The event will be done this Sunday 18 December 2011 (from 2pm onwards) at their maiden outlet in Seri Kembangan.

If you are keen to pamper your hair this weekend, all you need to do is drop me an email/ contact me, and your hair will get that Royal Treatment is so deserves!!

What a cool way to end the year heh? :)

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*I actually just had a hair cut recently.. but then this is just too good to miss! Haha!!


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