Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playing Cupid!

Okay, Im gonna say this.. Love is in the air!

Remember Vday which was just over a week back? Well, on that special day, me & biz partner Leo did something rather unique.

We became cupid for that 1 day or I'd rather say, 'flower boys' ! Haha! Cos we were delivering flowers & video recording the special moments at the same time.

Here's the roses dedication from the first couple:

To me this is classic.. seeing how yr loved one reaction is when receiving the flowers u sent. And I'm really happy to be able to record this moment for the guy!

And here, is the lucky girl on the 2nd video:

This girl is much more prepared, cos she knows that she is gonna receive the flowers! :)

Anyway, some behind the scene stories:
For delivery + video 1, it was relatively easy because the recipient was in downtown KL.

However, for the 2nd delivery, it was tougher.. not so much about the shooting, but more so on us finding the location. We got lost in the jam & rain, and drove over an hour to the destination.

Well, to cut the story short, check this behind the scenes video we did:

2 deliveries, and quite a bit of exhaustion, plus having to go back late and edit the videos on that Vday nite itself... , u'd think we are furious. Well, we are not cos in the end of the day, we spread some love around!

And guess what? With so much love around.. we are conducting another contest on our Fanpage, called CRAZY Love. Ah, more of that to come next!

*Anyway some info first in case ur keen to win some tickets yrself: CRAZY Love is a contest to win Micheal Buble concert tickets in Malaysia. More details on the fanpage at Project O&O Facebook.


  1. Hehe...from an not a punk, neither an angel inspiring kuaci, you're now a lovey-dovey cupid~ Ohlala... xD

    I'm glad to have known such an interesting guy opps...I mean seed like you. Haha! xP

    Happy being in love and enjoy the moment, QuaChee! To quote you - love is definitely in the air...oh yeah! ;)

  2. lol! so nice la! :D its worth oso la even it took times! :D

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  3. QC sure have some interesting seeds in him Erika! :P and he's loving spreading them around.. oopps.. i mean his loving spreading the love around! :D


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