Sunday, January 23, 2011

My 3rd Video And #PONO

Been having some fun times playing with video recording, and video editing recently.. Yeah, my aim of going more into productions. Hehe.

I've been using iMovie to edit my first 2 videos, but somehow it kinda screws up - again (can't launch it) - and I don't know what's the error. So, for this 3rd video, I used YouTube video editor & audio swap.

Well, it kinda works for this video, in some ways.. cos our timings were right, hence no trimming needed. However, I didn't get to do any light editing or stuff like that.. Yeah, it's just adding on the appropriate audio - in this case the music, and voila!

Oh, I had a hard time choosing which song was good.. and besides, I wanted to test this YouTube functions, so here's another version - the Slow Version, with the song changed.

Oh, btw, these videos are with regards to my new work that I'm doing with my 2 other business partners from Eleven Angles (not Angels, mind you.. don't think we are! haha!). The project is called Project O&O (Project One & Only) or for short #PONO (that's our hashtag on twitter too btw).

project o&O
Ah, so what's this project all about? Well, it is to search for Malaysia's Youth Ambassador. Oooo.. heavy stuff! But well, apart from looking for someone with leadership qualities, we are also looking for someone who can connect to the youths in general - ie, whacky & fun loving! (now, it sounds a lil less heavy haha).

Anyway, I've actually been on this project since 3rd quarter last year. I came into this project, as I realised I could work on the productions stuff - which has been something that I've always been interested in. Apart from the side videos like the one above, we are gonna create a MTV in this project too!

Anyway, along the way, my project scope has expanded and has taken an extra level. Just early this year (ie less than 3 weeks back), I became Project Leader. It wasn't something I had expected but it's something that I think I've got to do for this moment to steer this project.

The responsibility sounds heavy and I'm a lil afraid at times. In fact, all 3 of us are. But I think our commitment to this project will see it through.

Yes, we heart this project for what it is doing for the youths & society, but also.. for the fact that this project is to lead Eleven Angles to greater things!

So, here's to #PONO.. and my 3rd video! :)

*To follow the competition, join our Facebook Fanpage at Project O&O or follow us on our twitter at PONO .


  1. Good job, QuaChee! Keep practicing and get better as you go, ya?! Happy learning~

    Love the videos and I support Project O&O!!! Looking forward to the MTV, yo~ All the best! :D

    P/S:, you're an angel in disguise or it's the other way round - an devil in disguise arr? :P

  2. hey it cool! :D but i prefer the 1st one. haha doesnt matter oso la. this project sounds fun! :p

  3. are already so expert? :p I think the first one is slightly better. opinion lar. :p


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