Monday, January 14, 2008

Taking Things In My Own Hands

The Malaysia book has taken a back seat in end 2007, and at that time I took some time off to formulate some more ideas & get a new sense of direction. I had waited till 2008 to start 'afresh'.

The other day, I met an acquaintance who asked me some questions about this Malaysia book... and he eventually said that he could see my picture that if we were to publish a book, it should be unique, and not just like any other books in the market (hence the white hair).

So, now recharged, Im having an ideas-filled time... and doing lots of things on my part - scheduling interviews and doing lots of research. I'm glad to have done a few interviews with some prominent Malaysian entertainers so far and also fellow Malaysians & foreigners who have traveled here.

But the journey ahead continues with much more things in line. In all, I'm glad that things are turning out quite ok, now that I'm taking things in my own hands and with a clear direction for the book :)


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing it too! :D It still amazes me how you actually publish a book, it sounds so... hard. Naw, i'm just crappy.


  2. Hi Emporer

    You are right that publishing a book is actually not difficult...

    It's only hard if the publishers want it to be a good one - either a gem, or some like commercial values. It applies similarly to like movies (commercial movies or art movies.. some of course neither)... and like music albums too :)


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