Monday, January 28, 2008

Singapore Girl Guides Cookies

Some may find this post a lil late. Aniway, I just realised that I had some very wonderful cookies which I bought end of last year, and am happily munching away now :)

A group of Girl Guides were in a shopping centre in Singapore to sell their cookies - which came in 3 flavours. I got the mint one.

The taste is awesome and make you want for more. However, apart from its taste, what impressed me is how it was packaged - it came in a well designed box. Hadn't they put their logo on the box, I might even think it came from some big factory.

This was a good Christmas gift box (or for any occasion for that matter). It shows the amount of hard work that the girl guides went through.

And interestingly, their concept of selling it at the shopping centre. Now, that's another good marketing idea - where the crowd is... with good exposure.

Good taste & credible work. Will keep a lookout for the cookies again this year end! :)

PS: Girl Guides, do you do new year cookies? :)

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