Monday, January 21, 2008

Chinese New Year Is Near

When we see the bright red lanterns on the roads, we know that Chinese New Year is coming.

It does seem pretty fast that not too long ago it was just Christmas. In fact, I went to a shopping centre the day just after Christmas, and the Chinese New Year decorations were already up! Wow, that is fast!

The good luck red is in town & can be seen everywhere in the streets of Chinatown, starting with the flowers (natural & plastic) and the New Year decorations. It is really a nice feeling especially if one is to take a walk and looking at all the decorations while listening to the New Year songs.

In the streets of Malacca, Jonker Street is already prepared for the Chinese New Year.

It can be seen here how different it is compared to when it was other season (see post: Merdeka)

The new Chinatown in Jalan Bunga Raya is also ready with the red lanterns hanged across the street and the shops selling decorations brightly litted up!

And the fun is actually now - where we rush (& queue) to buy the New Year goodies like the lychees, longan, scallops etc for giveaways & preparation for the dinners. And of course the once-a-year must have bak kwas (sliced BBQ pork/ chicken meat - and some even seafood) and new clothes! Of course, there is also the house cleaning! Well, it all adds to the fun.

So, do enjoy yourselves while we prepare, work & shop til the New Year! :)


  1. Yay, Chinese New Year! Can't wait!! For the holidays at least, other aspects of it might not be so fun anymore. Relatives getting more materialistic these days and keep talking about things like weight and fitness. How to enjoy CNY like that, especially when there's alot of eating involved?

    Umm, love Bak Kwa! Oh, i saw some cheese flavoured bak kwa somewhere, sold in a bag full of small packets of it. Kinda expensive though, same with the normal ones as well. Or maybe i never noticed the price before and just ate ate ate. Haha!

    Yea, shopping centers are really fast this last/this year. Christmas decorations went down as fast as they were up. Next came CNY deco and it wasn't even the New Year yet. LOL! All cashing in on the festivities.


  2. Miss CNY after seeing those pics of your blog.. Always the worst time of the year for me, very homesick.. :(

  3. your entry reminded me of how many years have I not been to Chinatown (spore) during CNY time. It's fun to just be there to soak in the atmosphere. maybe will find time to next week :)

  4. Hi Quachee,

    Has your nickname anything to do with those tiny seeds that ladies like to bite on to get the inner "meat"?

    Also, I see you are into batik stuff. You have any writeup on Malaysian batik I can put on my blog plus a link to your website? If already on the web, may need editing to avoid duplicate content.

    Actually here to thank you for leaving a nice comment in my post How Malaysians celebrate New Year. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blog for Positive Changes
    (reluctant "protest" blogger)

  5. Nice pictures, esp the third one - so festive.

    Hi Quachee. Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones happiness, health and prosperity in the new year.

  6. Yo, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment there.

    Jonker street huh? I just took some photo there on last Saturday night. Well blog it out soon. What a coincident.

  7. hi happysurfer,

    many thanks for the early wish! (new year is really just round the corner now!) :)

  8. Hi Peter

    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I do have some write ups on batik. Just give me an email and will give you the links :)

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