Monday, September 23, 2013

My New Smiley Sunglasses (Nunettes)

Sunglasses. Or goggles. Whatever name you call them.. I love them lots!

Firstly, the sunglasses serve as a good eye protection. And secondly, like why many use them - cos they are cool.

A 3rd reason - well to cover one's eyes from knowing what they see! Especially those super dark shaded ones.

Or.. like those by Nunettes which has super decorative sunglasses that also covers the eyes!

I recently got them - and boy, was I delighted! It sure us quite cool in a fun way.

I remember wearing them recently in Manila, and the taxi driver couldn't help looking at me.. guessing if I could actually see!

And well, I actually can! Hehe! It's similar to those bee view like glasses that are good for eye sights.

But well, that's not the only reason - I also like this pair of mine for its "Have a nice day" statement on one lense and a smiley on the other :)

For even if I'm not smiling, the glasses should give a certain smile to whoever who glances my way! Or maybe a smirk?

Well, this is my new pair - and while I won't throw my older sunglasses away, this will take 'centrestage' for now ;)

*The Nunettes can be purchased at


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