Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Culture Shock At Walking Street Pattaya

So I was in Pattaya. And my friends told me to go "shopping" at this street - aptly named the Walking Street. 

How different could the shopping be.. compared to that to those shopping streets in Phuket or Krabi with rows of fake goods, right? 

Oh, well... I was to find out!!

Your "typical" Asian tourists - so innocent!! Haha!

From the outside, the street looks just like any other street. Loads of tourists, some with kids too. 

There were some cool shops like this 10D cinema - seriously? 

And some nice looking restaurants. Thought the hanging car was quite something too. 

Shopping wise - there aren't that much around. Except for some rather quirky (and I mean really quirky stuff) like those above! But well, this is Thailand.. and more so - Pattaya!

And unless one mean another type of "shopping".. which is not just girls. But white girls (Russian perhaps?). And there's many of them around. 

So much so that one can be forgiven to thinking that this is not Thailand - but in a foreign country instead! Well, I guess, it's all about the demand and supply! 

While I enjoyed the experience walking at Walking Street (pun intended), but I didn't dine in the fanciful restaurants, did no shopping or "shopping". All I bought (and ate)... really is corn - for that night! XD

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