Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smartphone Comparison (Ninetology U9 X1 vs LG Optimus G Pro)

So you guys know that I won the Ninetology U9 X1 recently. And I've also been invited to join the blogger's phone review program.

What we need to do is to review their phone together with another smartphone in the market, which will be on loan. The list of phone was huge - all the popular models were there - the likes of Samsung, HTC.

But me - well I chose the LG Optimus G Pro.

How do I compare the 2 phones? 

As both are Android based, to me there's really not much to compare. It's after all the same operating system. Unlike comparing say the Windows vs iOS vs Android. But well that's coming from a non Android user (yet)!

So the 3 criteria that I zoomed in is
1. The camera function as I use this the most
2. The inbuilt apps (that is free!)
3. The feel

I love LG for the fact that they have this feature to instantly "beautify" your photos. Well, Ninetology has this feature but it's a lil more basic comparatively.

Even the video recording on LG was pretty cool. Amateurs could include sound effects into the videos!

I guess on this part, LG gets the upperhand. But saying that the U9 doesn't loose out terribly. It still has a good camera tool - with nice filters to choose from.

Ok on to the inbuilt apps - I love LG's safety care guide and the data back up. These sure will come in handy when in emergency!

The other app I love from LG - the Polaris Office.. a handy office like app with excel, word and power point. Very convenient for editing (and even creating stuff) on the go.

On U9, I found the flash light app pretty interesting. The light is bright!

On to the feel.. LG feels more heavyweight - which I like. I however love the idea that U9 comes with a phone casing. The only sad part bout this - I didn't get the bright red one but black instead. That would have been a real head turner!

Well, my conclusion - the U9 is a good smartphone by itself. It is something pretty proud for Ninetology to come out with (seriously, this is where I can proudly say Malaysia Boleh!).

But as good as it is, it's still needs a bit of catching up to do to compare to the other heavyweights. 

My preferred prize would be the LG, but if I were to have an option to purchase - I might still opt for Ninetology based on its price point (RM1099 vs RM1888).

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  1. i already saw that U9 phone...its interesting to have one too...I WANT ONE...


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