Friday, September 13, 2013

I Won A Phone (Ninetology U9 X1)!!

I recently won a phone. How cool is that! 

I was in a blogger's event of the launch of the new series recently. Ate some food, met some fellow bloggers, and then joined in the games they had. 

There was only 1 prize. And it was the the U9 X1. This is one of the new high end models launched by local homegrown brand Ninetology.

Initially, the game was a Q&A of the features of the new models. Whoever guessed wrongly was eliminated. Cut the story short, there's just a few of us left (I did survive some of the phone feature questions tho honestly at that time I was still pretty clueless but was saved by teammates and the media kit in hand!).

Then towards the end of the day - the rules changed. Whoever guesses right wins. Well the final question was "how many stories is their office?" 


Well, being fairly new (the company is only 1 year old).. and most Malaysian companies are in shoplots.. I guessed 3. And well.. I was right (though I later found out that they are not in a shoplot but factory lot). 

So well, there I was - the winner and proud owner of Ninetology's U9!!


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