Friday, June 22, 2012

I Love Instagram!

Social media and more social media. Well my life kinda revolves around it.. starting off using it for business years back, and then finding it really fun too.

Social media to me is now both a passion (and interests) and part of work.

Over the years I've used Flickr (a crowd source platform for me to gather travel pics for my 50+1 Malaysia book). Then came blogging - a kind of social media platform too.

Next, of course the arrival of Facebook which is good cos everyone is there! (well nearly everyone I know at least).

There's YouTube too tho some what less a social platform. Owh and err.. Twitter, which I was once a lil more active.

But now, my no. 1 social media platform is non other than Instagram. The photo sharing sites that allows users to share their photos with different preset photo edit styles.

I guess the ease of photo edit makes it both fun and easy to use. Plus the fact that it's like another community out there.

While I may have friends (as in friends that I know physically) on Instagram, but it also allows me to connect to a wider group of people out there - and from the world over.

There are people who share my same interests - like in food and travel. But who lives in other countries - like in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, USA and Europe (yeah, have a bunch full of friends from these places).

I love seeing what they do - getting a glimpse of their lives.. tho I'm still only an online buddy (and not even the more personal Facebook friend).

Owh besides that, I love the community thing on Instagram too. The Like thing is of course a big plus - otherwise it kinda beats the purpose of sharing! Haha!

As for me, I have made a point to share my photos on Instagram, at least once a day. It's just another way of documenting my life - not in words but pictures instead (call that #Instadaily).

So I share my life - like the food I eat, the cool things I experience, things that catches my eyes - all these things in my daily life. Owh plus a fair bit of camwhoring too! Well, it's a photo app anyway - so camwhoring should be a lil more legal here!

How long more will I use this app? Im not sure.. tho for now, it is still very much the in-thing. And something I'd probably hope that will continue to be around in years to come - as it's my life database!!

*Btw I still Facebook much, tho I've cut down on Twitter tremendously apart from sharing cool tech articles there. I'm also exploring Tumblr (more like getting back to it), Pinterest, and the 2 video apps - Viddy and Socialcam.

*If you are on Instagram, you can add me with my nick: quachee.

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