Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not An Angel, Neither A Punk

*Took this pic, and now writing a 'story' on it.

not an angel, neither a punk

Why not an Angel?
Well, first up - the stuff that I'm doing & have been doing all has a cause behind them. Like for example promoting Malaysia, promoting Malaysian talents.. and now under Project O&O (#PONO), me & my partners are working to provide a platform for Malaysian youths to speak up, and inspire the society.

These sure sounds - Angel-ic, at least. But to say we I'm your Oh-Holy Angel, is not me lah. I'm your average guy here, and am just like everyone else. I indulge in what other guys indulge in. Though these are not sinful in my eyes, but it's not your idea of say, an Angel, I suppose..

And on not exactly being a Punk?
Well, I may be hot tempered & easily offended at times, but I know how to control myself when it matters most.
For example, I don't initiate a physical fight, usually only protecting myself from danger... for the fact that I don't think the 'bigger/ stronger' should take advantage of the 'weaker'.

On damaging property, err... the closest I have is to only dent Volvo car door (ooops!), but no spraying on walls or anything like that.

And I think I also carry myself well enough despite at times, I do feel like err.. telling some people off.

So, yeah, not really a punk too - I guess?

But would I like to be more one or the other? Well I'm happy being who I am so far, though maybe a lil more punk-ish would be cool. When I say punk here - I mean, more care less (& a lil more direct) in some ways if toes are wrongly stepped. But I still hold on to my belief of no initiating any fights :)


  1. I wish I can be a little punk-ish too. But well...I have to set a good example for my baby. :D

  2. Ooo...not an angel, neither a punk? Aren't all of us are? You're not alone, buddy!^^ Hehe...

    Just be yourself. Be inspiring. You're who you're at best~ ;)

    Welcome back to Malacca! Do enjoy your stay here. :D


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