Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did I Really Watched A Singapore Movie?

Yeah, I don't believe it myself.. that I actually watched a Singapore movie just a few days ago.

While I must admit that I've been quite supportive of Singapore movies while I was in the island city when I stayed there my good 8 years.. but after a few good start, I felt the movies in Singapore were getting too cliche, and boring.. and have too many irritating stuff: lots of shouting and arguments, mother in law is always furious, a good fair of weeping (not crying), and it's about money (or lack thereof).

Hence, my vow to not watch Singapore movies - unless they got standard lah.

So, what made me change my mind the other day?
Well, I was invited to a blogger's preview of the movie Homecoming. In my mind, well, Chinese New Year is just round the corner and since this is free (I got to admit this), hence, I thought why not. Besides, there's a fair bit of Malaysian talents in this productions too! (that sure is a pull factor for me).

homecoming movieSo how do I find this movie? One word: Surprised.
Yes, this movie stayed away from the stereotyped Singapore productions.No money talk, no mother in law getting angry, no weeping with loads of tissues & hands.

There was only one part in the beginning that made me cringe when there were loud arguments. But apart from that, the rest of the movie is rather hillarious and at times touching.

Jack Neo acted well (which btw I think he should stick to his feminine roles - playing the mother here). The relationship between Mark Lee & his daugther is the highlight and was done rather well too.

The movie is also nice cos it was filmed in KL (and informing the viewers that it is KL! - not a fake olden days Singapore or something), hence giving the movie a wider spectrum of things and a wider scope to cover.

My conclusion: All in all, this is a decent CNY movie, one that has restored Singapore productions in some way (in my humblest opinion, ehem).

So, if you are in the CNY mood, then go ahead to watch this. But don't expect to remember this movie as yr memorable CNY movie for the years to come. If you want that, then I'd say watch the all Malaysian production Great Day which is way more touching and meaningful (and I'm not being biased here - as much as I love Malaysia more, seriously).

*Malaysia's Double Vision is one of the co producers for this movie. Malaysian Ah Niu is also one of the main stars in Homecoming.


  1. Great Day seems touching but it didn't come to Singapore...

  2. After reading your review...I feel like watching it right now. :D

  3. yeay! going to watch it with Eric when i arrived KL! :D

  4. I'm so gonna watch this movie during CNY~ Hope it doesn't let me down~ :D


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