Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Do You Do?

A lot of people ask me what I do, and I do find it a lil tough to explain at times. In simple form, I'm a publisher publishing physical books.

But to be honest, that's just one part of what I do. The larger perspective would be Media Content & Distribution.

Now, that gets a bit too big to explain - for really, Media is a big term... after all, it encompass from movie/ films, music, articles, cartoon/ anime and manga.

So usually, I don't mention much on this part, except to those who I think will understand this (usually to those in the media line or close to it).... but even this do sometimes come with blank stares.

I don't really blame - cos though the media is something we all can relate in many ways (we read newspapers, magazines, books, watch TV, go to the movies, listen to the radio, play music - digital or from CD, read comics, etc), however, what we see is just one side of it - the 'taking part' as a consumer, and not the doing part... or for that matter the vision part.

Continuing, I explain that apart from the usual content generation (ie articles), my company is going into productions, something that I've always wanted to do (both in the form of creation & on the front). Now, if I stop here, that would be easy.

My 2nd round of blank stares comes when I mention this: But instead of using traditional media (like TV), we are going online - creating webisodes (web episodes/ online TV).

I know this 2nd statement confuses many - but how am I not to mention it?

But maybe, somethings are meant not to be mentioned in total. Like if one is to ask a telco company what they do - their answer is "provide telephone service", though in actual fact, they also do provide data usage, sell handphones, sell digital music and other content (some have their own mobile TV channel, sponsor for big acts/ singers, and more).

Anyway, let's leave that there for now (I'll figure an easier way to mention my company's business someday or maybe in time to come, I won't need to).

In my next post, I'll share the site that has made me put all these media stuffs together - Bookmarqc (yes, the project I've been on since the past 11 months, and ongoing!) :)


  1. Well....I kinda know what you are doing, am I? Anyway I believe you have a lot of potential. One day you could even grace the big screen right? Who knows. Anyway all the best to you bro.

  2. The question, What do you do? reminds me of the famous chef, Anthony Bourdain and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman

    A little boy asked Tony what he does and that got him baffled. Julia Roberts asked Richard Gere what he does for a living.

    One day, QC, YOU, will be one Media mogul whom we can proudly claim to be our blog-buddy. Eh? I await the day. Best wishes.

  3. Yes, I sort of getting the picture now. It's really hard to explain what you do in one sentence! Anyway, I believe you can achieve whatever you set out to do! : )


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