Thursday, July 02, 2009


If one gets my namecard, it states: Dreamer - Entrepreneur.

And if one talks to me on my ambitions and goals, I can say that in many ways that it's just like talking to a child. For a child is usually free from all the 'can't do' or self limiting beliefs that one gets over the years.

I'd say my ambitions are 'wild' to many. In fact, I've gotten many replies from people when giving out my namecard. Some business people nods in acknowledging my belief. Some are quite amused and inspired.

But there are also those who have been so bounded by the small gains in life, that they have a disbelief look... more so when I share my dreams.

"Don't you think it's too far fetched?", "Do you think these can sell?" etc etc.

Well, I don't doubt that good research is needed before one embarks on anything (and I don't just mean business). But then, there's also the belief that we can achieve all that we want if we just believe... and as much as we use history as a yardstick, but how about we creating our own history?

Eg. before the first man walked on the moon, what yardstick could we use? Well, that's just one example of 'far fetched' dreams coming true. I'm sure there were lots of questions, and many people weren't convinced til someone really stepped finally. In fact, it's now a norm - we don't go "wow, another man went to the moon!".

Here are some other examples, and what negative thoughts that most likely have came up:
1. Computers - what's that for? We don't need that. Those are just in the movies.
2. Flying - you think we are birds? Are you nuts?
3. Cars - you mean there's more than bicycles? How will it work? Oil - huh, that's for cooking!
4. Obama - we've never had a black president before. Fat hope.
5. Eminen - white don't rap. It ain't in their blood.
6. Jackie Chan - we have enough talents in Hollywood. We don't need any Asians.
7. Chinese in Malaysia (when they first arrived) - don't even think of making it big. We don't speak the language, nor look like the locals.
8. Japan - we've been bombed. We're doomed - forever! We can never be a great nation.
9. Korean soap operas - we aren't that cool. We aren't like Japan - in fact, far from it! And we don't speak the multi language the South East Asian people speak... you sure we can make it into their countries?
10. Singapore - so small, sure or not can become finance hub? We where got talents one - our people not so smart some more. We also don't know how to speak proper English one. You think we who/ what ah?
11. Mcdonalds - you mean they know what hamburgers are in Asia? Don't they eat those weird stuff only?
12. Sushi - you think they know what raw fish is all about? I don't think they know how to appreciate such expensive delicacy. I've never seen them eating anything else but cooked food - and it's mainly just chicken!

Frankly, the list goes on. But as you can see, these negativeness were all proven wrong. Instead, what we have is big successful businesses giving back to the public and successful and happy people living wonderful lives for themselves and others.

So, far fetch is really a self limiting belief.

I'd say, go ahead and dream big, and inspire others along with it. Like they say, if you aim for the moon, the least you'll land on is the stars :)


  1. Wow, QuaChee you are such an inspiration! : )

  2. Well...I believe we need to be a Dreamer to achieve a lot of things. If not of yesterday/year's dreams...we wouldn't have a lot of discoveries and inventions we possess today. So...we have to dare to dream!

    I believe you are on your way up to somewhere your dream of... ;P

  3. hey!
    i agree! :D

    i get weird stares and "oh yea sure.." when i talk about my ambitions. but heck, i don't care!

    keep it up man! i love your spirit :)

  4. Very inspirational, QC. I bet you would have encountered scores of disbelieving people and perhaps some may have shot you down. No matter. Life is what we make of it. Best wishess. So, when's your movie starting to roll?

  5. no dream no success...
    every success starts with a dream.. :D

    how r u quachee??

  6. @foongpc
    thank you, lots. have always hope to inspire. i think u r too - lets continue to inspire one another! :)

    like the way u put it - dare to dream! :) btw, achieving the dream is a journey. maybe one day, ill share my dreams more hehe

    love yr spirit too. great people think alike! lets head to the top! :)

    i believe u make the best of life - and that's really something we really need to know ya? love yr outlook on this :)

    movie - its in the works. we will be rolling out somethings soon (more than 1 hehe).

    hey nice to see u here again :) im good. btw yes, every success starts with... a dream! :)


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