Thursday, July 30, 2009

Make It Your Bookmarqc

I've always been a strong believer in combining interests, hobbies and dreams together. And with me having so many interests, one easiest way would be by creating a platform where all the interests can be combined.

And so, the conceptualisation of Bookmarqc - the one stop centre for all lifestyle information... with lots of Asia content (and beyond, in the future).

bookmarqc 8 khakis
So, well how does this relate to my interests heh? Well, for the start, it has lifestyle article contents written by The 8 Khakis... who are 8 friends from Asia. They share about lifestyle tips from Travel to Music, Movies, Gadgets, Health Tips, Fashion & Anime/ Manga.

There is more to come from The 8 Khakis, but for now, that's what they will do - sharing their 'expertise'n in their own fields :)

Btw, it is here that we will review all the talented people from all over too. I realised that it's both fun & inspiring to feature such people, and so the platform is all set for this!

bookmarqc video
Then of course, there's the video segment - where interesting webisodes (web episodes) will be played. This is really the highlight of Bookmarqc - and I can't wait for the first series to be up! (it has to do with Nyonyas!).

bookmarqc bloggers sign upThere's a few more segments on the site, like the latest News - yes, read all the news from all over Asia & the Latest Blog Posts! So, bloggers, do sign up your blogs here!

bookmarqc prizes sign upAnd oh yeah, when you sign up, you stand a chance to win cool prizes from both Malaysia & Singapore - there's hotel room to designer's wear, comics, CD, jewelery and more! (Anyone can join - blogger or not) :)

It has been a long 11 months since the first conceptualisation of this website I created. We are only now officially in beta. There's much more to come, but for now... at least, I can say "Welcome to the world, Bookmarqc"... and to you, "Make It Your Bookmarqc" :)


  1. Hi QC, signed up three times but still unable to log in. Also, did not get a response upon signing up. Is there something I'm missing or is the site not ready yet? Here's the response when I tried to log in..

    We're sorry..You do not have the permission to access this page.

  2. hi happysurfer thanks for signing up & the congratulatory note :)

    u shld receive an email about approval - and we'll get back by 3 working days to approve :)

  3. Wow! Finally you have rolled out your project. I have been waiting for this for quite some time bro. Amazing! I can only congrate you. Kudos! :D

  4. QC, thanks for the prompt response. Just checked and confirming that email has been received. Thanks.

  5. i hope u succeed. it is a excellent concept, one stop for all the things that interests us.i hope ur experts will show us new things in their fields and though it will concentrate on, i hope u will allow some news from overseas, esp uk, because that is where i am haha. I like the foreign news section, being able to read all the newspapers of that country, esp usa, in one far only the telegraph is available in uk, but that is ok for me, as i can get the others here.
    maybe u will have guest articles from the odd person now and from other countries too.
    i have tried to paste the link to bookmarqc on my weblog, but it is very big and wont fit my webpage.can u make it smaller and also dont include the video? just a suggestion... i would think anyone who subscribes to ur website will want a link on their webpage for easy access to it.
    best wishes from anthony


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