Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last week would be a witness whereby a star shares her light - that is when Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysia's pop princess visited heart-transplant recoveree, Hui Yee at the hospital.

Hui Yee first announced her intention to meet her idol, and when the news got to Siti, she did like a true Star - giving Hui Yee a very memorable moment.

It is admirable of such a huge star, most probably South East Asia's biggest, to be humble enough to grant the request of her fan... but that is Siti, and that is why people just love her.

Siti's story is most admirable. Coming from a humble background, her career has been a great success. Her fanbase is solid, with a huge following of fans in Malaysia and regionally, especially in Indonesia. Even the Singaporeans recognise her. Siti has bagged many awards, being the singer with most awards in the Malaysian Book of Records.

Siti's Malaysian girl image, plus her strong vocals is one of the reasons for such a huge success. However, the most unique thing about Siti is her Star personality - her good PR & her still remaining humble despite her success. This is very relevant in her interviews, which puts her at most ease, but which might have made most people in 'self-defence' moments.

*Siti's interview - you can see how Siti 'brushes' difficult questions, with still a smiling face :) (See at 03:19)

And here's a video of the singer's first big hit. Over the years, Siti has transformed herself from a young new-commer to such a well-respected, well-mannered Star.

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