Saturday, November 24, 2007

Inspiring Book: Dream High by Conway Stone

Author Conway Stone is a dreamer entrepreneur who has made dreams come true. And he hopes to share it with everyone to achieve their dreams too in this book of his.

This step by step book is similar to lots of other motivational books about making it big, but written in a very humble approach. Unlike other books which may sound rather arrogant and be a put off to some, Conway's writing style of humility will appeal to a wider audience.

He shows that he is just like any other average person who has realised his dreams.

These dreams need not be very big dreams, but instead dreams that everyone is capable of achieving with vision & proper planning (eg. leading a happy comfortable retirement). That is the key message he seems to drive.

This book will serve a wide audience because of his approach that can touch not only big dreamers & entrepreneurs, but any other individual who wants a happy fulfilling life. And this is the magic behind his book :)

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