Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Age Is No Barrier

Age normally 'defines' someone. True enough, the older someone is, normally, he/she has more experience, and to some extend, wiser.

Saying that, we should also not be disillusioned by age... This thought came recently, when I was talking to a younger person, and I was surprised to be able to draw some ideas from the conversation.

Take a look at some of the examples in the world - Facebook, Google, Dell - these people started global companies, whilst still relatively young. Mark, from Facebook, is born only in 1984.

Look around you, and you will notice young entrepreneurs making their mark. Some have done it much better than their peers despite their high stable incomes. Some has even bettered their counterparts who have been in business for many years. These people have crossed the mark of being young means 'I don't know much'. Instead, they took the challenge to learn & be sharp in their decisions, making right choices.

Saying that, another point to note, is that age too should not be a barrier entry to living our dreams. Though wiser, there may be some that may sometimes feel less secured and capable at times. This mindset has to be changed, if they are to live a fulfilled life.

Sure, wondering into the unknown seems uncertain, but with what you know, and what you will learn along the way, plus lots of passion & drive, age is not a barrier here.

Another part of age not being a barrier is when we see the more matured folks doing extraordinary stunts - though some could be simple ones like jogging - which is perfectly fine, in fact very good indeed. Some don't look their age as they have all the mind and spirit in them, living a good healthy life.

So going back, age is relative. Being older or younger is not better, nor is it worse.

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  1. Some people say, one year older,one year wiser. However, this phrase does not necessarily apply to anyone. Age definitely does not reflect one's maturity and sensibility. Maturity and the ability to perceive things usually comes from personal experiences and throughout what they've gone through in life. But then again, it's true enough tat age should not be a barrier for someone to realize their dreams/goals. As the saying goes, "whenever there is a will, there will always be a way" =)



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