Friday, November 23, 2007

Movies Review Blog

Movies are really fun (& to one large extend, inspiring) as we get to see a different world, without having to be physically there, or to be through what the characters experience.

It could be a past period story, a present fiction, or even something in the future.

Movies allow us to see beyond our lives, and be brought into the many different lives of others - like the soldiers in war, a President's life, a gypsy's world. The list goes on, even more so if it is an animation (like the most recent I watch, into a bee's hive, or into the under water world, etc).

What I like most is the mind is able to expand and ideas & imagination flow while watching movies. These could be direct ideas, or indirect, which may pop up in the near future. There are times too I watch movies for the pure relaxation. Somehow or rather, whenever I watch a movie, I get a lil inspired thereafter.

To capture all movies that I watch, I've created a review blog - Movies Review Blog.

These are movies that I watch during leisure, and includes all types of movies - inspiring or less.

Only the most inspiring movies (& the meaningful ones) will be reviewed on this blog - ensuring this blog remains truly inspiring :)

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