Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Songkran Bangkok

Picture this.

The roads are blocked. Thousands of people roam the streets. Guns are everywhere. People are screaming and shouting. To survive, you probably have a gun as well. Otherwise be ready to be shot multiple times.

That may seem like a scene from one action packed movie. But actually it's not. Instead it's a scene from not too far away - Bangkok!

The occasion - Songkran!

And as you probably guesses I was in it. Owh btw, we were not with real guns but water guns!

To be honest I didn't expect such a situation. Sure I've been to Bangkok numerous times now including while Songkran..

But the shopping road of Sukhumvit has been just too cool.. As compare to what it is at Silom Road!

The first day of arrival itself, I already got wet and soaked. Owh and I thought well dressed tourists were not sprayed on. Wrong!

Watered I was. Powdered too! You can say I was a lil taken aback at first.

But as the night passed, I got more accustomed. I was slowly ready to join in the wet fun, albeit slowly. Yes, I was prepared to be shot or even sprayed water all over. Haha!!

The same happened the 2nd day..and so did the 3rd and final day.

And that's actually when I kinda let go and partied heads on with fellow tourists and Thais!

More wet. More street walk. More powder! And of course more laughter and smiles.

And that was my Songkran in Bangkok! Owh and to add, I'd love to be back next year!! :)


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