Sunday, September 12, 2010

When The World Was Grey

Just before a few days back, I felt the world turn grey. Yes, that's how I'd roughly describe about 10 days of the beginning of September.

I had no appetite to eat - food had no taste and nothing excited me. No movies, DVDs, music or even sceneries made my eyes sparkle or glow. Business ideas were stagnant and life-less too. It was that bad that even the oh so yummy mooncakes were kept in the fridge untouched.. I was also gone from Twitterjaya & Facebookjaya.

It was really a weird period. Started off with me falling rather ill and very sick - high fever on my birthday. And then I read one book - which till now, I don't know if it's good or bad (don't ask me what book is it - don't feel too comfortable to mention it now). I'm not sure which made me feel bad though I think it's both..

Some friends teased and say its 'mid life crisis', but huh?

I talked to a few close friends and they could sense a very different QuaChee..

Anyway, I tried all ways to find Mr Inspiration & Miss Motivation back - through any means I could, despite feeling the world being so grey. But nothing really worked.. for a good 10 days.

And it was just hard to get out of it (though I knew at the back of my mind that that would be a phase - but I kept thinking "when?").

Anyway, somehow, like a miracle (and some inner motivation of wanting the usual life back), things began to change back to the positive-outlook life I usually have..

Food became tasty once again (I started eating the mooncakes!), music is now back to being inspiring.. and I can now watch DVDs once again (have yet to go to the cinemas though). My outlook on life is back to where it is - and maybe better.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that the world is now back to its colourful self and gone is the greyness.

For now, I am looking forward to happy sunny & bright days ahead, and wish for you too! :)


  1. Eh, are you alright, QuaChee? No wonder you were absent from Twitter and Facebook that lar...I thought something wasn't right already...just didn't thought it was real or true though...

    Anway, I'm glad you've come back to your senses now... :) I hope after this, instead of keeping mum, distancing yourself away from us and keeping all your problems to yourself, you would and could always share your problems with us and some how lighten the burden that you carry lar...okay?

    I know lar you're a big man and supposed to look macho and all stuff like that but still, you need some people or company to cheer up your day if unable to do so. ;)

    Hahaha...this is one long comment a.k.a lecture from me! xP I hope you don't mind it, ya? Take care and I wish all the best goes to you~ Be the positive QuaChee that I or we know and keep inspiring people.

    After all, you're no Superman therefore it's only human to feel down once in a while. I go through such phase too but, the only difference is I snap out of it pretty fast.

    Alright, enough said here. Gambateh ya?! You can do it! To quote Dory of Finding Nemo - "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming...swimming...swimming..." You got it lar, ha? Ahahaha! xP

  2. They order to move forward...sometimes all we need is a step backward, which you did. :) Good to hear you back on your feet bro.

  3. Hope you will get better and better. Best wishes :)

  4. i was not feeling well also since last thursday... but then i went to the ton of positive energy from the mother nature... :) then i was getting better and this morning.. hohohoho totally alright... was wandring around the city with my friends the whole day... now spending time on facebookjaya and bloggerjaya :) hohoho take care ya hang quah XD *hugs*

  5. Getting back on your feet from a dull moment is always better than before...a setback once awhile will be able to refresh our senses and also the ability to look into life differently...It's easy sometimes to remain happy but it's hard to bounce back up...that's why a rebound is much more valuble to each n everyone

  6. hopefully Erika's long comment is sufficient to cheer u up dude! :D She doesn't comment long long on anybody else's blog.. so appreciate it ok? muahahhaha....

    come on peeps.. group hug! or as Erika says it, "Huggies attack!"

  7. it reminds me of the movies... the day after tomorrow and Armageddon... as long as we ourselves believe there is hope and believe the hope will come to pass ... the sun will eventually shine once more no matter how grey the world is. Cheers up Qua Chee ;)

  8. No wonder you were so quiet during our dinner that day!! I hope everything is OK now. There's a rainbow after a storm so cheer up! : )

  9. auww sorry to hear u sick during ur bigday! glad dat now u're ok! n now its my turn. :/


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