Monday, July 13, 2009

Men's Health Finals

It has been 8 months or so since I first went to the Men's Health Singapore's office for the first round of interview with the editor & team.

Since then, we've gone through a fair bit of interesting workshops like learning lifestyle muay thai, doing dragon boat right in the heart of Singapore city, learning about hair grooming, styling, shoes (yes, there's more to just what we see), plus facial grooming.

mens health finals zoukAnd so, finally the 'Big Day' arrived... starting off about 330pm at Singapore's hottest club, Zouk. Frankly, it has been ages since I came here haha!

mens health finals zouk barComing in, some of us were awed with our giant posters hanging on the walls around the club - like this one, at the bar.

mens health finals singaporeI couldn't help myself taking a photograph with 'myself' haha! This is quite a dream come true!

mens health finals practiceWhen arrived, the singer & dancers were all rehearsing their part. We, the finalists were the audience for the moment - for when else can we watch the show, ya? :)

After them, was our turn next. We had to practice for 4 appearances - one performing a simple muay thai punches/ kicks, while the rest were the walks/ catwalks. There were some positions to remember, but on the whole, the practise was alright - not too many things to remember, but more so "to just enjoy the night!".

mens health finals hair doThereafter, it was time to do our hair. By then, it was already evening - bout 5 plus 6. In between, we grabbed some dinner - hot dogs. Think not many of us really cared for what food was served as more importantly, the show was about to begin.

mens health finals preparationBut before the doors were opened, there were still some final tweakings & testings by the crew. We watched - some eating, some just relaxing. Frankly, this felt good in some way... though we have some 'stress' but I think the organisers were more stressed up in making sure a perfect show! (somehow reminded me of some events I've done... hence I'm glad to be at the other end this time round).

Finally, the show has begun around 830, starting off with the songs, the muay thai by the pros... and then us. With 3 outfits for the night, we were hurrying to change from one to another.

The awards were presented in segments - with 7 sub awards overall and the main title. Frankly, I was only aiming for a sub award, as I knew some of the mates were really fit and they deserve the main title better (Dentist Clement eventually won the title).

Hence, there were less pressure (in fact no pressure on me at all) - afterall, I joined this competition simply to have fun & learn about being fit!

But anyway, I was thinking that there were a few sub awards that I thought I might have a fair chance. And I'm in a way glad to have won one of them - Dermalogica's Best Skin Award!

mens health best skin awardThe award was an icing on the cake for me, reminding me the power of dreams, and just believing like its real.

Award aside, more importantly, throughout this beautiful journey is a comradeship that we've had - both with the fellow brothers and with the editorial team.

This sort of friendship is quite amazing... for though we are like competitors, but in reality, we were more like brothers in one challenge together. I've gotten to know 8 other Singaporean friends, plus one from the land of smiles, the Philippines. And what's more these people are inspiring in their own rights!

To Singapore's Men's Health, thank you for creating this 'competition', and to the rest, for the wonderful memories! (and to those voted, for the votes too) :)

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  1. Wow! Congrates with the award Quachee. My! Your skin must be very healthy huh! ;D

  2. Congratulations, Quachee! You have won for something not many can imitate and that no one can take away from you. And you're right. This is an invaluable experience to learn about being fit and having fun along the way.

    It must have felt great to see your poster in Zouk, eh? Congrats again.

    Congrats to Dentist Clement for coming out overall winner.

  3. That's great, small or big a prize is still a prize.

  4. Oh! Rather late to read this post! Congrats QuaChee! Best Skin Award - not bad eh? : )


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