Sunday, May 03, 2009

Good HK Food

Being in HK for a good number of days, I managed to try quite a variety of local food. Here are my best picks:

7. Cuttlefish @ Arena Of Stars

hk cuttlefishThe attraction of this part of Arena Of Stars is more so this cuttlefish shop, for the aroma coming from this shop is just so strong... attracting lots of people to just queue up and see what's in store.

hk cuttlefishCooked via this machine, the cuttlefish comes out crispy. Very tasty especially while it's hot!

6. Yung Kee Restaurant, Wellington Road

yung kee restaurantJust at one of the restaurants in the Lan Kwai Fong area, is this must-visit glamourous & celebrated HK restaurant.

yung kee restaurant chickenRoasted pork & chicken are displayed via the glass window of the restaurant - simply enticing the passerby!

yung kee dim sumThe menu here range from the affordable dim sums to the expensive chef's recommendation. The dim sum were not bad. However, the roasted goose & chicken were not as good as the best one I tried in HK.

But still, for all the glam (heard the HK stars dine here?), this restaurant is still worthy a visit.

5. Sing Kee Restaurant

hk good food sing keeIn the upmarket SoHo area near the mid level escalators lies this street food. And that's HK - where smack in the middle of the CBD area is this row of authentic old Chinese style restaurant.

hk good food sing kee garoupa vegetablePrice here is slightly upmarket for the better dishes - like this garoupa with vegetables at HKD43. Food wise, this restaurant is not bad, but big thumbs up for the atmosphere setting!

4. Maria's Egg Tart

maria egg tartFor one of the best ever egg tarts, there's non better than Maria's. The crust is soft, and the yellow part big in portion. Never has egg tart been so different and yummy!

3. Fish ball @ Mongkok

hk good food mongkok street food fishballFor a good mix of street food from smelly tofu to other deep-fried stick food dishes, Mongkok is best! And the one I like most - the fried fishball there. Slightly pricy for street food, but very spongy and yummy... and I actually came back to Mongkok for more!

2. Xiu Liu Shan

hk dessertIf one is a dessert fan espeically cold desserts, this is not to be missed! In fact, one to HK most likely can't miss it, as this dessert chain is all over HK, and with long queues.

A wide variety, but more towards coconuts & mangoes, this is nice to be taken anytime of the day - when the weather is hot or cold!

1. Hay Hay Kitchen, 74-80 Johnston Road, Wanchai.
hk good food kitchen hay hayIf there's one main attraction for me in HK - this will be it! First the catchy name, but wait till you try the food served. This restaurant serves one of the best food I've ever tasted - and not just in HK!

hk roasted gooseMany would know HK for its roasted goose. Well, try this for there's really like no other. The goose is not fatty and the portion is huge, especially for HK standard.

Pricewise - affordable. This plate costs the avearge meal price HKD35 (one can also go for the goose thigh at HKD50).

Whatever it is, don't miss this while in HK! I tried many other roasted goose since my first bite of roasted goose here, but just couldn't find any that is close to it!


  1. Hkg is indeed a food paradise for authentic Chinese food. The goose rice dish looks great.

    So, you came back before the swine flu hooha started , eh?

  2. Thanks for the good food tips, QuaChee! Will keep these food and restaurants in mind when I visit HK!

    The display of roasted pork and chicken by the glass window at Yung Kee is really enticing!

    The old chinese style restaurant looks like a scene from those HK TVB series! Haha!

    Ooh! The egg tarts look very delicious! I like that you said the yellow part is big in portion! Yummy!

    Generally, the food in HK is expensive but the portion is big, right?

  3. The Hay Hay Roasted Goose really make my mouth watery....:)

  4. Once again, thanks for showing us all these hidden corners of HK. :)

  5. Hi Quachee... HK food is very expensive, right? terribly exp...
    oh btw, I have voted for u.. Alvin Quah... hope u get it!

  6. Yeah!'d better come back earlier before the Swine flu or H1N1 turned into a pandemic!

    But with so many salivating food over's hard to thing about those swines right? ha :D


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