Monday, August 27, 2007

Inspiring Book Review: Jump In!

This book authored by Mark Brunett, the producer who popularised reality TV, not only in USA but throughout the world - beginning with Survivor and his other hit series, Eco-Challenge.

This book accounts of his journey mainly on these two TV series which he produced. Survivor fans would be most pleased to read the insights on what went behind the scenes to set up each Season's series - from location scouting, logistics and negotiations, not to mention his dream and passion. And this is where it comes in handy and useful for us, who want to learn the art of negotiation, and to be inspired by how a simple British who made good in the American dream.

Mark also shares his insights on how to continue to be creative and re-invent the Survivor series, plus his other hit reality TV series, which shows that we should not rest on our laurels.

There are a lot of interesting points in the book which are highlighted in boxes, giving emphasis to us readers. These are helpful pointers to note what Mark wants us to pick-up and learn.

There is one particular interesting section of the book which he mentioned during his training days where he and his mates were trained to do somethings 'impossible'. Of course they succeeded, and that truly inspires that nothing can stand in between us and our dreams!

Another inspiring part is where Mark mentions about how he met idol Donald Trump, and finally even worked with him on The Apprentice. And then, he also went on to how he met with Martha Stewart too.

In all, this book truly inspires those who inspire to be in the entertainmenmt industry especially TV producers, Survivor fans, and even those who just want to read an inspiring book.

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