Monday, August 20, 2007

'Dream' Poster

In a workshop I attended sometime back, we participants were asked to do a cut-&-paste of our dream poster, taking pictures from magazines, newspapers.

Apparently, it is known that if we see (& believe in) our dreams everyday, it will come true someday. (This was also shown in the DVD The Secret).

I must say, some of the things on that poster have already come true for me... among them, my interests in lifestyle photography & modeling resulted in the Batik Inspirations book. There are a few more pictures which are in the process of being realised :)

And another strong one is just simply putting the picture of the dream car... and that was realised too. How powerful.

One of my friends mentioned, as long as we have something we want in our mind, it will most likely be done. And I believe so... and it will be more powerful when it is done with having something to visualise.

Im now looking to get a few other pictures to create a new 'dream' poster :)

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