Monday, May 20, 2013

Ampang Yong Tow Foo (at Jalan Imbi)

Even before I moved to KL, I've been coming to this stall for its Yong Tow Foo (yong tau fu).

Now that I'm here, I still do come here - for it does serve really fresh and affordable yong tow foo. And which are pretty delicious too!

There's a range of the dishes - and usually I'll take one of each.. like the stuffed ladyfingers, chillies, bitter gourd and fried sui kow.

The ones that I usually take extra are the rather huge stuffed brinjal and the must-try stuffed tau fu. These are usually amongst the best selling items here and sometimes they do run out if late.

Btw this stall is located at the open air hawkers centre.. which is beside the Honda Showroom (and diagonally opposite the 7-11). It is the busiest stall at the area!

It opens from evening (bout 6pm) daily but closes on every Tuesday.

This is one of the top ten KL food stalls I like, and have recommended it to both my local and tourist friends - with good feedback!! :)


  1. nice! shall mark this down and try it for my next KL trip, thanks for sharing :D

  2. One of my fave stalls for some comforting YTF after a long day at work.


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