Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Did We Scare Lady Gaga Away?

Rah, rah, rah ah ah
Roma, roma ma
Malaysia? Oh no la!

Well that's what's happening here. Lady Gaga is having her concerts all over South East Asia and capital city of Malaysia.. the beloved Kuala Lumpur is not her stop.

She has her dates set to Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and even Jakarta.. but not KL.

Okay, we probably may not be much a party goer as compared to say the Thais (if what we see at Silom gets generalized), or the free spirited Filipinos. But definitely we are no less when it comes to partying like the Singaporeans. And Indonesians, no?

So why is Gaga shy-ing from KL? I tweeted bout this yesterday.. and some replies I got back are below..

Of course these are teasers by fellow twitter mates.

Well, the conversation with her agent might have just gone..
Gaga: Why are we not doing Kuala Lumpur too?
Agent: No, you don't need to try. They will probably ban you - if not now, probably at the last minute. Let's stick to other more accepting cities..

Or perhaps this..
Gaga: And how bout Kuala Lumpur?
Agent: Are you kidding me?

Yeah, there are so many bans, protests and last minute cancelations here over the past years. It's weird because some acts do get to perform while some aren't allowed to our shores.. Which to me sends out a very mix signal of how fast forward is Kay El. After all, Adam Lambert was here. So was sexy Girls Generation. Even Mariah Carey and the late MJ..

Talking bout Michael Jackson..I still remember the time he came here. Former PM mentioned something along the lines that Malaysia must mean something to such stars wanting to perform here.

Well that obviously ring true. It means a lot too if they don't perform here, but instead to all the other neighboring cities.

Who loses in the end? Look at it this way. When a concert is held, lots of money flow in - ticket sales, merchandise, advertising, promotions and lodging. Yes, KL looses that much revenue, apart from probably 'losing face' to our neighbors.

But here's another point to ponder.. a lil serious one too. The question is - who else is not coming and is turned off with Malaysia? Potential investors perhaps? Gaga can't possibly be the only one.

So how much more are we losing out - both as our capital city and Malaysia? All the hardwork we do to woo investors and tourists - will never be good enough if this kind of 'issue' persists. Yeah, time some people do some serious thinking.

It's time Malaysia gets a nudge - which is better now than to trail behind later. Agree?


  1. That's the thing with these people. They thought they know better till the poo poo hits the fan and then they will blame the fan. Then arrest the fan and blame the poo too for illegally hitting the fan. Then throw the fan from 12th floor and said the fan tried to flew away.

  2. That is why any Malaysian would rather go to Singapore for concerts. Because we're all fortune tellers when we hear a big act coming down. LOL!

    I still remember how stupid it was to ban Linkin Park, just cause they were jumping around. And looked where they jumped too now, Singapore.

    Phbt! Puny politicians. :P

  3. perhaps she knows that Malaysia is pretty conservative - well, that's how the countries' leaders work. :)


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