Monday, July 13, 2009

Singapore Also Can!

Whenever I mention somethings about Malaysia to fellow Singapore friends, I do get some 'cute' tongue-in-cheek replies: "If Malaysia boleh (can), Singapore lagi boleh (can do even more!)" or "If Malaysia can, Singapore lagi can/ Singapore also can!".

Coming from this position & having written a dream for beloved Malaysia, thought I'll also share what I dream & vision for this island city... yes, I'm sure Singapore can dream more based on the responses I get from my friends!

Anyway, here is the dream list (now before you go on, I think Singapore has done not too bad, or quite well so far... but like anything else, it can do better):
1. Singapore climbs the ranks & be amongst the top First World Nations.

2. Singapore compares itself to First World Nations in all aspects (and not comparing itself to developing countries or 3rd World Countries as benchmarks anymore).

3. Singapore HDB flats become something to look forward to in architectural designs, cleanliness & comfort... and is something what the people really dream of, not because of pricing, but for everything else.

And that wakes and other events are held in proper allocated rooms/ buildings and not downstairs at the basement of the unit.

4. Singapore is clean & green in all aspects - from the city centre in Orchard Road to the heartlands. And that the pigeons & birds are kept in proper areas, not affecting the expensive polished cars with their droppings.

5. Singaporeans know & fully enjoy their many green parks & beaches in & around the island.

6. All these parks & beaches are very accessible to the public by its public transport.

7. A fully expanded public transport system that rival of cities like Shanghai, and that visiting one neighbourhood to another is much more convenient.

8. Singapore goes fully electronic & green in car park sense. Gone are the days of tearing coupons, but all uses the IU system, including for HDB lots.

9. Singapore artists get to be ambassadors not only for local brands but for international brands as well.

10. Singaporean talents grace the covers of the general advertisements in TV, newspapers, magazines, events, etc - reflecting the true multi-racial country where what the people see matches to who they are.

11. Singaporeans to fully support their local talents - be it in sports, politics and of course, the entertainment industry... and even like their own products (made in Singapore-lah!).

12. Singapore has its own international pop culture supported by the people and also from foreign countries.

13. Singaporeans be as multi-lingual as their counterparts in Malaysia (and spells the different language words right).

14. Singapore has a vibrant media (& entertainment) industry, with many different players providing their very best to the nation.

15. Singapore is known as a city in South East Asia for its mix of cultures & traditions.

Again can these be done? Or maybe the first question to ask is whether Singapore wants all these? Personally, these are good dreams to have for a city striving for attention in the international platform and to continue to get support from its people, especially the youth.

Ability wise? If this self proclaimed Red Dot has proven in the past 44 years that size is really not a hindrance to growth & prosperity, then these are really no big deal to worry about... it's just like kacang putih - lah :)


  1. Singapore is indeed one of the best place to be I have to admit. But I do like Malaysia a lot and I'm not going to migrate to anywhere else.

    Singapore managed to be one of the most respected nations in the world due to its own determination and its leadership.

    Malaysia likewise is still lagging far behind because some of us are too interested in politicking! ;/

    Anyway this is a good post Quachee. ;D

  2. I've heard so much about Singapore and I'm sure that it's a beautiful country.

    But we have to remember that they're a city country. So if they can't even develop such a small piece of land...

    If Malaysia was only made of Kuala Lumpur, I'm sure we wouldn't have much of a problem either. :)

    Still, I look forward to visiting Singapore.. very soon! :D

  3. Haha! Malaysia boleh and Singapore lagi boleh? Why am I not surprised as Singaporeans are more kiasu than Malaysians?

    And definitely they can achieve all that you have listed, if they really want them : )

  4. People who actually believe that kind of remark are just subscribing to appearances. I for one believe that Malaysia has and will achieve many many great things that Singapore have not. And having said that, I'm not saying there's competition between both - there's plenty of room for all. ;)


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