Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Malaysia Can One Lah

Since I'm on the ball on writing about believing in one's dreams, here are somethings which relate to beloved country, Malaysia.

For those of you who have not been here, well, this not too tiny nor too big country is a diverse country with many races living together. Now, how different can that be to say a multi cultural city, right?

The difference here would be - the races living here in Malaysia still very much retain their own identity. A quick example, an American born Chinese may look Chinese in more ways than 1, but their outlook and perception is usually like any average white/ black American.

However, in Malaysia, a Malaysian born Chinese is very much Chinese inside and outside, practicing their local traditions and cultures like the Lion Dance to the Chinese New Year, Moon Cake Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival etc. Our Chinatowns are not just a Chinatown, but in many cases is part of the town itself! (so is the Little India, Malay bazaar etc).

What's more - even the Chinese New Year is declared a public holiday - yes a holiday for all races. Now, this is one big difference comparing Malaysia with any other multi cultural city (apart from say, neighbour Singapore). This is in many ways a virtue to us (eg for tourism - we've just got so many things to see & do!).

But it's this diversity that also affects the country in many ways. Even after 50 years of independence, there are still political tensions of the many race based political parties.

This, plus so many other issues related to this progressive country makes many of the people in the nation just sigh & 'give up' at many times...

But a dreamer in me says, things can work for Malaysia - if only we dare to dream. Here are somethings which I think the public wants (though they may not necessarily believe it will work)... some of these I believe is in line with the 1 Malaysia/ One Malaysia (Satu Malaysia!) concept:

1. No more political parties based on race (and I mean NO more).
2. Each race is given equal opportunities in all aspects - from education, healthcare, housing, etc (we are 'one' in all true sense).
3. Malaysia to be 1st World Country by 2020 - and later to be a respected 1st World Country.
4. KL to be the most live-able city in the world - in terms of costs, quality of life, and many others.
5. All leaders elected/ selected will perform in accordance to world's standards and with a vision of Malaysia first, and own gains last (or non existence).
6. Malaysia has its own world class products in the global arena - branding Malaysia at the same time.
7. Each race treats each other with equal respect (and lots of it).
8. Malaysians to come in as national first (ie Malaysian) before anything else. In fact, race shouldn't be even asked/ questioned.

If you are Malaysian and has read passed this point (and not say it's just impossible), then here's a few more which I hope and think can come true, if we work on them:
1. All races study together, where from young, they are nurtured to learn of each other's culture, traditions, and to respect one another (they can still learn their own cultures/ religions, etc, but they are studying under 1 roof, with lots of interaction).

2. Malaysia to retain its unique diverse identity, but at the same time to assimilate under one language (eg English in USA, Japanese in Japan, Mandarin in China... or even Thai in Thailand, Indonesian in Indonesia). In fact, more cross cultural exchange of languages is better! (eg. other races listening to Malay pop, other races listening to Mando pop, Hindi songs, etc).

3. Malaysian media is one of the many hot-spots in the world - similar to that of Hollywood, Bollywood, Korea, Taiwan (music). It could be our music, our talents, our programs, or even our animation/ comic.

4. Other nations to look up to Malaysia - and we Malaysians can stand proud with our very own achievements (and give ourselves a pat on our back, in all true sense).

Whether we can - or not, it all really depends on we ourselves. The leaders play a big role, but so do we as people (and frankly, let's not just depend on them).

Honestly, if the rest of the world can, and if we apply the principles of The Secret, then 'yes, we can' - too! Or to put it in our own terms
"Malaysia Can One Lah!"



  1. One radical change would have to be the removal of the requirement of indicating RACE in official documents and forms. Race denotes differences and if that is removed, all colour and creed will disappear. Up to today, everyone is still unclear what 1Malaysia entails. Sigh..

    But it's a good dream though.

    WV: eyelesse as in "no eye see". LOL!

  2. As a M'sian myself, I would very much dream to see M'sia success in her very own right. But I'm totally speechless with today news that the govt decided to revert back the teaching of Math & Science to BM & the mother tongues. This is one of the many flip flopping policies that directly damaging our future M'sian generations. If those people couldn't be competitive in learning Math & Science in English now, what make them think they can compete with the world later? Today we're competing with the world and not in our own backyard! I speak from my first hand experience keeping in mind I graduated with Bachelor of Science (Hons) and now pursuing my Master in Science and I dare to say English is the commanding language when come to Science & Math. I felt sad that they make our future generations busy with language translation while other people are busy researching new breakthrough! Sorry fellow M'sian if I hurt your pride but let be honest with our future generations.

  3. This is a great dream for Malaysia and I really hope Malaysians will make it happen!

    On my part, I will start singing more Malay songs in karaoke. Haha!
    Well, you gotta start somewhere and if you want to make a change, you have to start with yourself! : )

  4. The so-called "races" are more distinct in Malaysia than in other Southeast Asian countries because of the British colonial policy and the Islam. The British hoped that Malays, Indians and Chinese would fight with each other so that they would not stand up together against their rule. In Thailand and the Philippines, the Chinese and the natives are blended together, because they largely share the same religion. In the case of Malaysia, this will be difficult, unless most of the Malaysian Chinese agree to become Muslims. Most Malaysian Chinese just don't use the Malay lanaguge in private domains, simply because it is not the speech community with which they identify. This is unlike the situation in Thailand, where Thai is the only language the Chinese there truly identify with.

  5. I think Malaysians need to spend more time on the things THEY LOVE. Only with that can we have World-Class products and producers. (like you)

    Malaysians also need to remember that it's NOT the government's job to feed them. Stop depending on the government so much and get out there, take the dive and innovate! (again, like you)

    I don't mind that Malays are 'getting more opportunities' as there are so many more malays than chinese in this country anyways! And I think the chinese are getting along just fine, even if life here requires us to use our brain a little bit more.

    I think our current administration is doing ok, but just a little topsy-turvy. We compare ourselves to the United States, thing is, the US declared THEIR independence in 1776 and Obama is their 44th president(ours is the 6th?). A lot of changes have come along since then.

    We talk about freedom of speech, but people need to stop talking for the sake of talking or opposing for the sake of opposing. In another 50 years, students will be studying their Sejarah and thinking "oh gawd, why couldn't these people just shut up so that we don't have to memorize all this crap!"

  6. I'm agree with 'wmsiew'
    "In another 50 years, students will be studying their Sejarah and thinking "oh gawd, why couldn't these people just shut up so that we don't have to memorize all this crap!"

    One day the dream 'might' come true if it show ONLY 'Malaysian' on the identity card. Without 'Chinese. Malay or Indian'. Then all of us are Malaysian.....I foresee it won't happen in our life time. Maybe few more generation of Century?!

    It's a good dream....anyway...:)

  7. A good post Quachee! :D Yeah! In fact I love Malaysia very, very much. I wouldn't want to migrate to any part of the world even though I am given a lot of incentives. Seriously...I feel so attached to this country although at times people might say that some people are neglected (which is true)...but like you...I still believe in One Malaysia! I hope equality is given to all races...not only to the Malays. Last but not least...I will sacrifice myself for my home soil! Malaysia boleh! :D


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