Monday, March 17, 2008

Keeping It Cool

I would like to share an experience - maybe not so inspiring, but something in my journey as an entrepreneur.

Last week I had a business meeting. It was a business meeting between young hopeful entrepreneurs like myself and one senior member who supposedly has had his fair share of success and experiences (I didn't check his resume yet, but was mentioned). We are to develop an idea for a new business together - yes the 4 of us.

Well, so going for the meeting, I expected it to be one smooth one, where we can discuss on the new project - outline of its objective, its timeline, divide of work and goals for each member.

However, the meeting was a 180 degrees turn from what I've expected. I'm fine if the meeting has met at least a few of its objectives, or if we came out clearer, but this businessmen took it as a boasting platform and no mention at all on the new project. "I know best", "I am great", "I am..." Ok, so I give in to the 45 minutes of full self appraisal & 'glory'.

Being myself, I don't like to brag - I believe in 'empty vessels making the most noise'. And somehow I felt that although he is successful in a way, it's not superbly successful. Of course success comes in many forms, and for a businessman who knows how to brag, I find him showing off to a wrong crowd - to young entrepreneurs.
'Get your own level playing field - and platform too!'
Actually, I would say, we've read of bigger younger people who are more successful - be it from USA or China or even South East Asia.

Now it is one to boast, but another to 'run others down'. And again, it shows the lack of charisma as a businessperson. Although I could boast if I had wanted too as well, but all the while in the meeting I never mentioned anything much on my company. Let him have all the spotlight he needs.

So listened I did but when he started to fiddle with his handphone for a long time, I got agitated. This behavior coming from this so called successful businessman. But again, I kept my cool.

So after the whole meeting, I got a lil wearied, drained and no clue as to where we are heading next. I'm quite certain in this business world, I'm not the only one who face or will face such situations - where valuable time is spent without much gain (ps: the journey to his remote office is a good 1.5 hours and another 1.5 hours back).

This is a good business idea, but fall where it matters - its team & members. It has to be put on hold - at least on my part. I can't be going to invest my time in something quote unquote from him - "see how".

It's a lil disappointing that this can't work out now. Quite a waste actually because I do like the business idea - it has good potential and does give something back to the society.

But I guess, there will be a silver lining after every storm, and maybe there will be another time to invest in this business idea :)


  1. yo... well.. this might seem kinda weird seeing that i just read ur blog not so long ago..

    errr.. well.. i'm a med student but i always think that it is very interesting to be an entrepreneur.. i do believe that it takes something more to be successful in the business field and actually people need to learn and study about it to know how everything words..

    i'm interested in becoming an entrepreneur myself.. (err.. although sounded a bit like day dreaming).. but i'm really interested in knowing how to be one.. i wonder u have any advice? like how to get started.. or where to get all these information (urm.. i hope u wun tell me to go join business school)..

  2. hi once again, streamliner.

    nice to know other hopeful entrepreneurs. i think there are many ways of being one.. and ill share my view.

    i believe an entrepreneur needs 3 things - Passion, Hardwork & Determination (Ive shared this briefly at PHD.

    i will also like to add that an entrepreneur needs Vision. these 4 will need to be balanced and each component will see an entrepreneur through.

    act being an entrepreneur is similar to one extend like a student. as a student, you too need to have these 4 elements. try to think deeper on each element and you'll see how it applies to you and how it can relate to business.

    as for biz school, im not sure if it will help. as not all biz school grads are entrepreneurs. however, school does help in a way either directly (eg. if you learning med and want to be an entrepreneur in med field) or through other ways like mind developing/ character building etc.

    to start off, see where your passion lies... and slowly build on that daydream first (it always start with a dream).. and when the time is right, ull know when to go in if you are an entrepreneur :)

  3. Hi QC, I believe nothing happens by chance. Like you said, there's always a silver lining. Pick up the lesson and move on.

  4. Hi Happysurfer, thanks. Yes, have moved on. It's a good experience though. And the lesson - maybe to remind me to continue being humble & kind to even younger entrepreneurs :)


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