Tuesday, March 11, 2008

50+1 Love Expressions

The results of the 2008 12th General Elections in Malaysia has been somewhat interesting. Called a 'political tsunami' by the press, this has changed the face of Malaysian politics since independence 50 years ago.

Just a brief recap, the ruling coalition which consists of 4 major parties - UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan has seen its majority in the Parliament reduced to below 2/3rds. And under the state level, Malaysia now has 4 new state governments. (Previously only Kelantan is held by PAS, while the rest by Barisan Nasional).

My viewpoint of the elections is that Malaysians love the country and have voiced for a country that is to progress together, benefiting everyone. (Now Im not saying nothing has been done so far, but maybe the people want more).

Their love for the country is not new. In general, despite the many grouses we have, one thing is for sure - ie. we love our beloved country, Malaysia.

Now, that is one thing I can assure. In my works of interviewing people on the 50+1 Malaysia book, I encountered many people who declared their love for the nation. Actually, that is one of the main reason the book is to be done - to highlight this, that Malaysians actually love their country! :)

Share Your Love!

Because of the many entries, and some of them not being able to fit into the other topics, we have created a special segment in the 50+1 Malaysia book, called

50+1 Love Expressions


If you are reading this, I would like urge you to send in your love expression to the country, to be published in the book. This is an avenue for us to show our love & express it.

What can you submit:
1. Photos - one example is you could include photos that show the Malaysia flag in its 'many poses'. Other examples could be creating some miniature gifts, or things that showcase your love.

Some example submissions so far:
*Photo by a blogger who shared her mini Malaysian cake-dolls which she made;
*Photo of a batik blanket with a love shape dedicated to Malaysia.
*Photo by a batik artist from India who painted a work to depict multi racial Malaysia.

2. Writings - declare your love to Malaysia through writing eg. a paragraph or a story. Just share your love about Malaysia - maybe write your vision of the country, or write what you love about the country wholesomely! Maybe you can also share what you want of the country - eg. peace, harmony.

Some example submissions so far:
*Poem written by a a student.
*A story submission about what he loves about Malaysia.

One example that can help is to dedicate something to Malaysia, showing her you care. Example:
Dear Malaysia... I love you because... I hope that... and I will always... :)

How to submit:
email themalaysiapage@gmail.com
(remember to insert your name, and blog/ web link if any).

I guess this is my strongest urge so far throughout the book process (seems like Im campaigning lol :) ). Aniway, I really hope to create a book that we all can see from the people's eyes. And this segment is a special one of course - to us Malaysians.

My wish: I hope that you guys can help spread the word around and inform your friends about this, to come together in one platform to show our love for the nation :)

PS: It doesn't matter which party you support, or whatever race or background you are :)

*For more info on the book:
Malaysia Book Q&A


  1. Many reasons why people leave. I believe those that want to leave but can't coz 'don't qualify' = no skills and/or $$$. Those who qualify but have tons of $$$, Malaysia is still paradise if you are rich.

  2. Hi Dano

    Thanks for yr insight. Agree that lots stay on because of that reason, though some use that same reason to actually leave.

    Btw, guess you are posting under
    Migration Vs Loyalty

  3. dear quachee, i've replied a post on your requested topic "why i love malaysia", see here:
    good luck!

  4. Hi BB, thanks for the reply. Have read your post 'I Love Malaysia'. I'm sure someday, things will be the way you vision it to be :)

  5. I have submit my photo to you malaysiabook gmail,hope you will have use for my photo.Thank you.


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