Saturday, April 21, 2007

Using PHD

"Nothing great in the world has been achieved without passion" - a quote I read in yesterday's papers. It got me sitting up!

For I so believe in passion myself, or being passionate about the things that we do!

A friend of mine told me once last time - that he puts a PHD behind his name. He said that no, that the PHD didn't come from a university. Instead it was his tagline of passion, hardwork and determination.

How true it is! Ive seen many great friends who have a decent happy life today just by applying these tools.

It's quite a contrast to some of my friends who seem to complain about their jobs - the same jobs that my friends who applies the PHD seems so proud of!:)

I salute my friends who applies the PHD in their lives - and if you guys are reading this, well done! And thank you for showing me life!

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  1. PhD is one of the factors which can contribute to life's success.

    Courage - not being afraid to speak out, bite the bullet and make painful decisions/choices - is another key factor. Being indecisive is almost criminal in adult life! And courage and passion are linked. One cannot have passion or be able to pursue one's passion if one does not have the courage.

    The ability to embrace changes - to be able to adapt to new things in life - is another key factor. How often we see people clinging on to old beliefs - old promises -things which are passe - these are the people who will fail in life ! Not willing to let go of the past -not willing to get out of their comfort zones - are people with no passion and courage for life ! These are people doomed never to succeed for we all know that we should live for the future and we certainly do not live in the past !

    Last but not least - timing is always very important. Being there at the right place and at the right time is almost adjunct to one's life success. Time and tide waits for no man ! Hence, one must always seize on the right opportunities when they come ! Opportunity knocks but once ! The opportunity is not always going to be there waiting for you !

    Hence, PhD together with courage, the agility to make and cope with changes, and the knack to know and seize the opportune moment - these will make great success of a man !


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