Monday, February 12, 2007

Think BIG - Going GLOBAL

Over the recent times, many friends have been telling me about the buzz in a few countries like China, Middle East... some of them doing business there, and have been raving about these countries! And I've also been hearing about some friends making headways in UK.

The China buzz is not new. Many global companies are already seizing the opportunity to enter such a huge market.

I think it is good to do an international business, and of course these countries should come into mind as well (but not limited to). Besides the big potential for business to grow, I also I learnt (from a course) that if we were to focus on big things, eg. making a global business, then the problems we face in the current situation seems small. Just imagaine that from whatever country you are from, and if your business is to have a global reach, then the small country-by-country problems are really small issues to handle and can be solved easily.

With problems at bay, and a big dream in our minds, this really ligthens the mood, and makes everyday a day to look forward to :)

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