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I'm Now A Geek! (Men's UNO Feature)

Hey, I've been featured in this month's (Sept 2014) issue of Men's UNO..! It's special because well it's this prestigious magazine. And I'm featured in their new Chivas Modern Geek segment! Wow!

Did an interview with them, and honestly while I can't remember the questions now.. but reading back, I think they captured the essence of my beliefs in terms of digital media and business.

Some friends have asked me to translate the write-up and I got my buddy to do it. So, well.. here it is!

Btw thank much to the whole Men's UNO team. While I think I look a lil older here but I guess it's all "part of the look"! Thanks for making this happen and for making me feel so.. like a boss! :)

Introduction – Page 1
QuaChee - A Flexible Amphibian in the Multimedia World of the Internet.
Online Influencer/Internet TV Producer/Owner of Online Bookstore/Writer/Manager in Digital Marketing

QuaChee is a gifted talent that recently became a hot popular figure throughout the internet by using the infinite possibilities of the internet world. He works through his own blog, social media, short videos, online TV and even music albums to become the new generation of online influencer. The publication of his very first book was not long after his graduation from his university, and digital marketing was just on its baby-step. However, he won his first war through online bookstores and online business sales channels and he made a great sale on his first book publication. QuaChee refreshed the nerdy impression of a “Geek” but anticipation and his passion of his revolution confirmed the new flexibility image of the geeks, the spirit of desperation in improvements has intimately merged with the spirit of a fighting warrior.

Chivas Value – Courage
A person’s “skill” in his adventure would get more mature through experiences and it might even become closer as a person’s instinct.

Page 2

In the picture, QuaChee looks fairly confident and even a bit of arrogant; his ingenuous and innocent attitude in his online videos; his casual and chic way of writing in his blog. No matter where and how his impressions look to you, his ability would blow off your imaginations. QuaChee with his charming bright eyes, deep mature voice, generous, friendly, and chic attitude gave out a non-harmful vibe but a huge confident that you would not be able to ignore.

QuaChee is a down to earth activist with very detailed thoughts. When he was 24 years old, he wanted to publish his very first book (Batik Inspiration), but he found out that the interests charged by the book agency and book publication companies were way too high. Instead he bucked the trend and did the publication himself with online business as one of his major sales channel. This decision has brought QuaChee to an adventurous journey to success and his book became a hot seller in Asia.

Soon after, he saw potentials in online bookstore as a great business channel and created an online bookstore, bringing the sales of books directly from Thailand and Singapore. He was indeed walking on the edge of internet business during that time. Many people around him suggested that this was not a good idea and might fail fatally but QuaChee saw the possibilities and went for it. After five years, he gained a huge success in this business, and then he sold the business and retired from the field. “Things have to be done after decisions are made, I held on to this belief with no idea what is going to happen next, I have been fallen down and stand back up for numerous times and even then, I succeed.”

QuaChee has worked with many famous brands and companies in marketing strategies and sales planning, currently working in Ninetology, a digital mobile phone company as a digital marketing manager. Even that, he is still favors by many companies from the overseas, his new movement would be a great news to look forward to.
How do you analyze current sales trend on the internet? What is your prediction of future development on this?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are very popular platforms right now on current social media world. If you want to get into the market of the consumers successfully, you must first get hold of all the elements above and use them correctly. Youtube is definitely a good platform to invest in right now because anyone could be a star by presenting themselves on this platform and The “Celebrity Image” of a Youtuber would be an obvious example of one of the current trends. I predict the next step of the online marketing would be moving forward to Instant Messaging such as Line and Whatsapp Messenger where the online influencer would work through smaller circles (10-20 people) rather than working so hard to become an online influencer on big platforms. Understand what consumers are thinking, knowing what would push the consumers on moving and provide what they need, when you continuously let them remembering your brand, you are now one step closer to success.

How do we use the power of the internet fully to expand our business?

Social media is a good platform to increase the popularity of a brand, whereas email marketing is still a better channel in Malaysia to push out a new product. As long as you get hold of a language on Malaysia’s internet marketing, you will get hold of a certain race group. At times when you switch a language to bilingual, you will see an obvious leap on the market development. This is a very simple, direct method, but it is always ignored. As comparison to overseas internet marketing, the reputation/position of our country’s online influencer is pretty high up because of our diversified society. It is not easy to getting into different groups of market with different languages, but with the help of blog, it would be more efficient.

100% Chivalrousness X 100% Geekosity = Geek of the new generation.
What is a geek?
- A person with high intelligence, usually immerse in knowledge and technology
- Became an elite in online business with the change of current business development
- Deeply immersed in their region of interests, great passion towards computers and internet skills

What is a modern geek with a warrior’s spirit?
- Leader of a new trend, practices new way of thinking
- Great in social skills, enthusiastic in getting human connections
- Brave enough to breakthroughs, never afraid of failing.

QuaChee is a mastermind that controls the edge of the technology, mature leadership in the region of internet marketing and a socialite.

Page 3

QuaChee is a hardworking man. He works hard to study, walking across the world of the internet, building up social connections, research the movement of the latest market and understands what the customers’ needs, working on his own projects and so on. He says that he studies and research on the latest news every day, and gaining the knowledge like a sponge. However he is a human, it is impossible to perfectly gaining all the information, and sometimes he would get his working partners to help on other regions of the knowledge.

How do you work with your team in order to reach a goal?

A team is very important to me. A leader without a team would not be successful. The spine of my team is built up by me and two of my friends. We have our own fortes and we help each other along the way. One is great in organization skills, human resources and another good in artistic and creations, and I will be handling the planning and co-ordination of the items. A mature team is not only based on how it works as a team, it also based on the spirit of the team too. Only a team that could work very cohesively would gain happiness and satisfaction, and with happiness, it is closer to success.

How do you evaluate yourself as a leader?

I am a very open minded person as a team leader. I think gathering flourishing ideas from all over the place would be a great direction. I listen to companion’s ideas and opinions very tentatively and would consider them seriously. However, the person who gives the idea must be very sincere, his motive is positive and he is prepared fully about his idea. If a person is not even prepared of what he is going to tell, is best not to waste anyone’s time.

How to maintain a good relationship between the team members?

Do not take anyone for granted. Give and take. It’s that simple.

Page 4

Chivas Value
“Passion” and “Heart” are the fuel to the road of success. You must have the passion and enjoy the work you are working on in order to find happiness in it.

Even though QuaChee’s decisions always seem very risky but he will never take risks without thinking upfront. “I will do as many researches before I make a decision. I will do a lot of calculations, the pros and cons, the risks and unknowns… I would only consider whether the project is worth a shot after I have considered every aspect possible. If I made the first step, I will make sure I will go for it whole-heartedly.”

What kind of an adventurer are you?

I am an adventurer with careful calculations. I would only take risks on doing something that I think it is worth to do, and of course, that is after all the considerations, calculations and planning; if I see the results, I would definitely go for it.

For every risk you took, how did you calculate the risks and how did you make the correct judgments?

It’s impossible for me to calculate and predict for 100%, even I could only do my best to study and observe, feeling what the market really needs. If I really think about it, maybe the sensitivity and ability to observe carefully would be my weapons.

Have you ever been in failure before?

Maybe I am a lucky person, because I get good results from all the risks I took until today. Moreover, the skill of taking risks would grow along with the experience I gained and it might even become closer to what we call, a “human instinct”. Frankly, I learnt how to make a good decision as I getting more mature in life. Sometimes when I meet a roadblock, I would stop and think for the perfect detour plan. If detour is not an option, then it is better not just standing right there doing nothing but do the best and finish the job. You have to non-stop keep track of the progress of your work, do your best to focus and be very sensitive about it, and avoid being hindsight.

How do you define “success”? Do you think you are successful right now?

Success means work in happiness. Everyone’s view of happiness and values are different, no matter what you are doing, how much money you are earning, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing right now and you are gaining satisfaction from it, not just to work because of what people asked you to, that is success. For me, success is a continuous progress, a non-stop progress where I keep on thinking of how to improve myself, and I gain my happiness from there. Up to this point, I think I am successful. Maybe I should put it this way, I have never put “success” as a goal because it is too abstract, but instead I think of non-stop improving and breakthroughs, keep on demanding on myself.

What are the tips to success?
“Passion” and “Heart” are the fuel to the road of success. You must have the passion and enjoy the work you are working on in order to find happiness in it. Therefore you must have both to be successful. If I can’t persuade myself to believe or accept a product or a brand, I would not accept the project. I am satisfied of what I am doing right now but I will not stop here.

Who are the successful persons you look up to?

In the entertainment world, I would say Hugh Jackman is one of the examples, he did not lose his own personality, he is who he is and successfully sells his own image to the market. Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Tim Ferriss too are the people that I look up to, because they gave me a lot of inspirations and knowledge. Mindvalley and Vishen Lkhiani are the people that should be taken note of in the field of creating publication websites. His creativity and sensitivity are admirable.

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