Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Goodbye KL.. Song!

Before I left KL, I decided to make some memories.. well, a nostalgic goodbye in some sorts.

I had planned for a lil drama MTV like video, but I sold my car and that kinda "handicapped" the video in terms of props, and more so.. my movement around the city.

Plus, I was just too busy packing all my stuff for China.

And so when my buddy started doing this "dance" after listening to this Korean pop song, well, I thought I'd join him and shoot it as my goodbye KL video!

Well it is a lil random but hey, here it i.. and stay tuned for the ending!

*This song (Ave Maria) is not new for me. Have seen the movie for which it's the theme song, and yes, love it lots! (more on: 200 Pounds Beauty)

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  1. Take care there, God bless always. Will certainly miss you should I hop over to KL again.


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