Friday, July 25, 2014

World Cup With BolaBears And Dominos Pizza!

World Cup. Pizza. And Bears.

That’s the combination for last Sunday night during the World Cup Finals between Germany and Argentina.. cos Domino’s Pizza Malaysia threw a Bear themed World Cup Finale viewing party.

And lucky me, was invited!

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[middle] Hasfahlinda Hassan, Senior Manager, Marketing Domino's Pizza Malaysia & Singapore, addressing guests in her welcome speech at Domino's Football Final Viewing Party

There was a host of games and activities before the ‘live’ match.

Amongst them.. a pizza box folding contest, the human foosball game, and the Instagram contest (for the most likes).

Fans at Domino's Football Final Viewing Party showing off their skills as they participated in the football-related games and activities.

Well, being an avid Instagrammer.. I chose to focus on this one, which I thought I had a fair chance to win.

While some were busy playing the other contest.. me, I had a mission to win. So some of you, my friends, would have received messages from me.. requesting for Liking my picture on IG (thank you!). But alas after 1 hour of “hardwork”, sad me didn’t win despite having about 150 plus likes when the contest ended.

The other I did before the game started - well to get my face painted. I have painted my face with Brazil colours just the week before.. and since they are not in the finals, I went ahead with supporting Argentina.

I also took some photos with fellow bloggers… who were rather divided between the support for the night (see their painted coloured faces!).

Soon, it was time to get ready for the biggie. But first, to grab the pizza! I chose the ultimate Hawaiian pizza (my all time favourite).

Fans at Domino's Football Final Viewing Party enjoying the pizza maker's offerings

And finally it was time for the game to begin! So grab our bean bags, and got comfortable we did!

'Beanbag' chairs were specially prepared to cater to the viewers' comfort during Domino's Football Final Viewing Party.

I’m sure the Bear supported Argentina that night too!

After some suspense and “fake” excitement (cos of the offside Argentina goal).. the whole event has ended. And while the world celebrates, it was my turn to head back to catch some sleep.

All in all, I was glad to have attended this event though it did disturb my sleeping hours. But hey, when football comes with pizza and bears.. it’s all worth it! :)

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