Thursday, July 17, 2014

Making Beautiful Ice Cream Food (Wall's Scoop Of Happiness Workshop)

Ice cream. Oh how much me love ya!

But hey, if you thought that ice cream is limited to just being served in cups (no matter how pretty).. well, you're in for a treat. 

For recently, I attended the Wall's Scoop Of Happniess Workshop.. and got a kick of making beautiful ice cream food!

The event is conducted by popular Instagrammer/ Iger, Samantha Lee, who is known for her beautiful and cute food she makes for her family. 

In this rather unique workshop, she shows the things she does best - which is making beautiful food, but the twist is to make sure it comes with ice cream. 

Her very first task is to ensure that she has all the ingredients and props in hand. These can be from fruits to berries, gummy bears, sweets, and those cake toppings. 

To make sure she gets the right food design, she usually sketches her work before she makes them. 

And then, it was time to roll up her sleeves and start "cooking"!

Some things can be pretty straight forward.. while some things need a bit of imagination and creativity (especially on what to use to make the design). 

And of course comes the hardest part - as she says... the ice cream! It's hard because it melts fast, and it's not that easy to get a full round shape scoop that's neat too (and perfect for the camera). 

But of course, she is a pro, and she made 3 designs that day!

Kawaii Japanese lady, made from the ice cream!

Pirate at the sea! I like the orange boat!!

Let it go... it's Frozen "Elsa" and the Snowman!
Oh but she's not the only one who had the hands on experience that day. All the invited bloggers had a chance too and make our very own fantasy come true!

As my friend, +Caroline Ng May Ling likes Minnie Mouse much.. we decided to go along with the theme. +Eric Lee Huangshi , the designer with the background kinda did most of the job, while we helped out with getting the right ingredients as props. 

Tadaa.. our Minnie Mouse icecream, in her Disnyeland castle. It is pretty, ain't it? :P

The proud Minnie Mouse fan with the Minnie ice cream. 
And finally.. it's our time to eat our own ice cream. I dived for the Minnie's ears first hahaha! 

This workshop has been truly a wonderful experience. I really never knew food (and ice cream) can look that cute! And that the making process can be that fun!

Me with the lady of the day.. Samantha Lee!

Now maybe I will consider to go back to doing some cooking.. some bear food perhaps? 

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