Monday, January 27, 2014

Petronas Chinese New Year TVC 2014 (Young Hearts)

Petronas has always been known for some heart warming TVCs. Growing up over the years,  I’ve always looked forward to seeing their ads during the festive season. 

And now that Chinese New Year is near, they have come out with a new heart warming TVC once again. 

And to kick start the launch of the ad, they have invited the media and bloggers to a special event at Delicious (Dua Residency).. including yours truly! :)

The restaurant was decked into the Chinese New Year mood - with accompanying Chinese musicians and they even had lanterns and cherry blossom trees. All these set the mood for what was to be unveiled - the new CNY TVC from Petronas for 2014!

They played the TVC twice. And do you know why? Well, maybe it might give you a hint if you watch it twice. 

Some of you might have guessed it right - this TVC is about an old couple who despite their age, are still celebrating the Chinese New Year with the same zest as they did as when they were young.

Well that means the young kids were not doing “adult stuff” like shaving a no beard or falling in love at the young age. All of these were the old couple! For those who didn’t get it earlier (like me).. well, now you know! How cool heh!

Btw, apart from the message put through, I must say, I also love the music of the TVC very much.. There’s just something about the song and it bringing up the CNY mood. 

The other things that I also like of this TVC - the fact that there is subtle Malaysian elements like the ais kacang and the seller being another race - the subtle, not in your face multi racial Malaysia was shown here. Oh and the lovely paddy fields shots - how I wish to film a scene like that in the (near) future! Plus the love of the old couple - isn’t that sweet :)

How bout you? How do you feel watching this ad and what do you like of it? I truly don’t mind watching this ad.. once more.

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