Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Glass House, Pattaya

So I was in Pattaya. And towards the evening, I thought it would be nice to at least see some part of the beach. And maybe dine in some seafood restaurant. 

And well, we did exactly just that - when we went to this restaurant at the beach - The Glass House. I know the name is already beautiful right? :)

We initially came over this place to spend the last daylight at the beach - while we could. I mean, evening time at the beach has always been my favourite!

The beach wasn't the prettiest I've been - but I wasn't complaining. The sun was getting down, the evening was cool. Just perfect for a chilling moment. 

Oh and I love the way the lights which are hanged at the trees.. just like stars. Yea, the dreamy fantasy mood kinda kicks in. 

Not wanting to let go the moment, I told my buds to try some desserts at their "dessert house". We ordered some desserts - though we haven't had dinner. 

In between, my buds decided to just eat at the restaurant... and so we moved from the "dessert house" to one of the tables - just in front of the mini stage.

The singer belted out some really chill and relax songs - in English and Thai. He did pretty good with English, but I felt scored more with Thai :) He btw did take requests too - and sang one of our favourite song by Singto Namchok. 

Food wise - they served some above average seafood. We ordered mainly seafood - fish, prawns, squid and fish cake. Personally, I enjoyed the tiger prawns and squid most!

*The Glass House
5/22 Moo 2 Soi Na Chomtien 10,Suklhumvit Road,Na ChomtienPattaya 20250Thailand

Tel: +6638-255922


  1. drooling! Restaurant at the beach is always great!

  2. Nice place, nice food and breath-taking scenery, what a relaxing holiday you have there :)

  3. I love beaches too. Almost anything and everything about it. This one is quite crowded but still lovely....


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