Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thai Ladyboy So Hot (At Mimosa Pattaya!)

What comes to mind when I mention ladyboy? Ok, how about Thai ladyboy?

Well, I've seen some really pretty ones before - princess like, if I may say so. But on this recent trip to Pattaya (yes, I was in Thailand once again), ladyboys just changed my mind. They can be not just pretty but oh so hot!!

I'll get to that in a bit. But first, let me tell you the place I went - Mimosa Pattaya, a European like "theme park" built in Pattaya. Interestingly, it has a tagline City Of Love.. and before some fantasy comes into mind, this is actually a family oriented theme park.

Love everywhere!

Me and my buddies who went to Mimosa Pattaya!

Walking into this place feels... like its theme - quite lovely. There's western style architecture with neat and cute paths (filled with grass and flowers - though fake) and also a small stream with real swans - yes love birds!

All along the area, there are speakers around - with live music coming from singers who were singing from a "mini stage". You can say romance can clearly be felt in the air.

Now apart from the romantic part of it, there's also cafes - some of which along the stream, which is quite nice though  me and my friends didn't chill that way. Instead, we were walking around the many different shops.

Cute bear buns!!
Was buying some coconut ice cream!

There were quite a lot of food shops, but the rest were quite souvenir skewed - the likes of selling Pattaya memorables. But there's more to just that. There seem to be quite a fair bit selling toys - some of which caught my attention (yea fanboys take note!).

I actually enjoyed myself much just walking around and looking at the shops, so much so that I didn't quite pay attention to the starting of the show.

I thought after all, this "free show" at the open air area has got to be just so-so... right? Well apparently, I was wrong! It's much bigger and better than what I've thought.

It may not have the lights (I watched the evening show) to dazzle, but the ladyboys did a good performance! They strut and danced in style.  I enjoyed all the lip sync and moves they had even though I was standing throughout the whole time.

And yes, some of them were really hot. The hottest is probably this who lip synced to Jessie J's Price Tag song. Yeah you can say my heart skipped a beat. Just watch the video for yourself!

So, yeah, Mimosa Pattaya - you rock!!

Mimosa... Mimosa Pattaya!

*Address: 28/43-44 Moo 2Na Chom Thian 20250Thailand

Suggest to go with Thai friends as apparently some foreign tourists got "conned" into paying 3000 baht per person. It's only 50 baht if you enter with Thai buddies. Be warned!


  1. Just watch at ur singto nomchok parady, u r lip-sync ? and u didn't blog about the food in mimosa pattaya? Worth to pay visit or not?

  2. Hi Maple

    Yes, its lip sync. For food in Mimosa - I didn't eat there :) But overall, still worth a visit. The show was awesome (and at a good bargain price)


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