Friday, June 12, 2009

Relearning The Secret

Heard about The Secret? Well, I have - in fact this Secret is so mind blowing that I've watched it - non once, but twice. First time back in 2006, where after watching it, I Shared The Secret.

If you are wondering, no I'm not talking bout simply any secret, but the powerful & motivating DVD & then book, titled non other with the same name. Some of you would already know and most likely have watched & read it too.

But though I've watched it twice, it was only recently that I read the book. The book is similar to that of the DVD - with similar tips to a great life that we want... mainly using the underlying principles of The Law Of Attraction.

Here's somethings I relearn while reading the book:
1. Dream - yes, simply dream what you want... and it will come true. Some put it as think as what we want. Too good to be true, right? But it is. Think bout it - where we are today, is what we have imagined what we wanted so far (be it compromising our goals, or achieving them).

Don't be 'polluted' with the 'can't have', 'unable', or any other but/ can't excuses... instead simply focus on our goal.

How we get what we dream of - The Secret says 'not to worry'. The likelihood is we may not know how.... so rather than worrying, just focus on the end result. For when we send the signal out, the universe will 'grant us our wish'. Things will align and somehow present itself for us to reach our goals.

2. Keep saying to ourselves "What we want to achieve?".
This can be done in any point in our lives, at any moment. Eg it can be done at the start of the week, the start of the weekend, the start of the day, and even in mid-day (or any point of the day).

I find this powerful and apply it quite often now, as our thoughts will lead us to our actions. I now also apply this in every situation, before and during... to get the desired outcome :)

3. Create Dream poster
This relates to the first point. Simply create a dream poster - then believe it like it's real. This is the power of visualisation. I've done this a few times (from visualisation & even doing up a poster itself), and I can testify... that dreams do come true.

Well, Mickey & friends is not wrong after all. You see, the successful people do seem to live in 'fantasyland', somewhat like Disney 'where dreams come true'. They have big assets - houses, cars, properties, you name it... even good emotional support. Well, that's because they have strong visualisation powers & of course, big dreams.

4. Be, Do, Have
Which comes first? That's the order and not Have-Do-Be which many of us think so, or any other combination for that matter. Just by being, we feel it, believe in it, then do it.... and finally, have it!

Example, we do not have to be rich to be rich, but instead use our mind to 'think & be rich', and eventually our bank account will be big!

Some of you may think - 'all these can't be true'. Honestly, they are... and I've experienced quite a fair bit of them. But don't take my word per say. If you haven't already... go on, grab that copy (or think hard enough, and it will be presented to you in some way!). The Secret really is for everyone :)

*The book has been with me for a while now - presented, once again (not bought). Personally, I believe it was presented for me cos of the signal I sent - that I want something positive to read, something that makes fantasy not so un-real. And there, it was... and me picking it up at a time I really needed it most !


  1. No doubt The law Of Attraction is very powerful! It's so true that we just need to focus on the end result and let the Universe take care of the "how".

    The dream poster you mentioned is like creating a visualisation - I have to say this is another powerful way to get what you want!

    Be, Do, Have - that's indeed the correct order! Be the person you want to be, then do it and you'll finally have it!

    I would also say "Believing Is Seeing!" rather than "Seeing Is Believing".

    I would also highly recommend 2 more books to add to The Secret which I find extremely useful to bring it to the next level.

    They are Law Of Attraction by Michael J Losier and The Astonishing Power Of Emotions by Esther & Jerry Hicks : )

  2. I've read the book and seen the DVD. The book is better though watching the DVD afterwards reinforced the reading.

    Actually, the concept is nothing new, just differently worded. Other earlier books are also covering more or less the same thing. Books like Anthony Robbins'"Awaken the Giant Within" or even the Silva Mind Control method teaches the same thing. The key is to practise what is learned, of course.

    Visualization is very powerful. But it's important to visualise accurately for best results.

    Dream poster works.

    Best wishes for more dreams coming true, QC.

  3. I'm glad to find a fellow Secret believer here. :D

  4. @foongpc, happysurfer
    thanks for the wonderful share - ill definitely check these books u recommended. i believe u both are living a great life as well! :)

    high 5! :)


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