Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Debate

I mentioned in my last post on the friendly debate with my friend. We were discussing on business.

The conversation were quite heated at times, as we had different ideas of business, and to those that we have the same idea, there was a different way of approach. Hence, some disagreements.

Though initially at the discussion, I couldn't see his opinions fully, but we ended well, acknowledging that we both had the same vision of growing a successful company. Besides, no idea is fully right or wrong and I believe with proper vision & passion, things will work.

What got me excited was after the discussion, I just had such a beautiful idea for my work! I couldn't sleep the next 4 hours as ideas kept rushing in. My heart didn't beat so fast for such a long time - in fact, maybe since the batik book!

I acknowledge his challenge to me to think out of the box paid beautifully, for now I have a new idea which is really exciting just to even write about it! Though this idea was mine, but it was his discussion and interests in helping that got me inspired.

I will be announcing the new work within a couple of days, and I would like to take this opportunity to my friend who has in a way, woken me up from my 'slumber'! haha :)

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