Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The BIG Bibik: Feature & Reviews

Here are some reviews we've had with The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas show. As usual, any feature or review gives a nice feeling & a proud moment :)

big bibik im magazineA feature by Malaysia's lifestyle magazine - I.M. I've always liked this magazine and to be featured by a magazine you like - that is double thumbs up! :)

big bibik nst featureMalaysia's national paper - The New Straits Times. I'm happy for this full page review... plus the fact that this is my first time my works is featured in this newspaper. Truly, the power of believe :) (full article at Bibik Is Back).

big bibik i weekly featureOver the causeway, the entertainment magazine, I Weekly (1st October 2009 issue), did a recipe feature.

big bibik i weekly featureThis is also the first time my works have been featured on this entertainment magazine.

Not sure if there are more to come, but am keeping my fingers crossed :)

*To the journalists from IM Magazine, The News Straits Times & I Weekly, here's a big thank you :)


  1. wow congrats... i watched some of the videos... funny =p

  2. Congrates bro. Being featured in some famous mag is really something to be proud of. A standing ovation for you. ;D

  3. QC, have you ever experienced goosebumps when you read about something that really pleases you or that you have a connection to? Well, I'm feeling the goosebumps now..

    CONGRATULATIONS! on all these good reviews in such high-profile places.

    I'm sure you are very proud of what you have achieved so far, QC. May I wish you even more success to come. I know we'll be hearing more success stories from your end. Dreams do come true, indeed! Keep up the good work!

  4. @fufu
    thank you. glad u like them :)

    thanks. wow, standing ovation! :)

    wow, thanks for such beautiful words! u know happysurfer - u really keep one going for their dreams! :)

    thank you! btw nice to see u here :)


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