Monday, April 29, 2013

Fresco Jaya Supermarket

Would you believe if I say you can eat Italian food right in the middle of the supermarket? Unlikely?

Well, this can actually be done in this yummy restaurant - Fresco Jaya Grocer!

Situated inside the supermarket - towards the entrance is this hard to miss restaurant. The next surprise? It's pretty cosy too.. despite it being so close to all the fresh food!

Now, that's actually a plus point btw. For the unique dining experience here is that one can actually select the raw fresh food from the supermarket.. and then get the restaurant to cook it!

Well, it may not be the same as fishing for your own fish, but this is "close".. And well, you get to select the exact meat you want - especially it's size is quite fun.

So well, the many times I'm here (yes, I've been back a few times now), I've done just that.

I love to close the salmon, and the bring it to the counter and later choose the sides with it.

Saying that, if you prefer the food from the menu - they also have that. And they are pretty good too! I've tried the salad, roasted chicken and spaghetti - and all are yummy!

Honestly, the food here is good.. above average but not pricey. To me, it's really a nice place for meals - lunches, and dinner too!!

*Fresco is located in Jaya Supermarket, Empire Mall Subang.

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