Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cool Cafe: Whisk Outpost

What can really compete with Starbucks? Personally, it's a talk order.. decently good coffee/ drinks, good service, comfy environment.. they have it all.

But well, this doesn't mean new cafes can't spring up and join in the cafe scene in the Klang Valley.. which in recent years has seen quite a good improvement with new players btw.

Well one if them is Whisk Outpost. I first knew bout this cafe from their first outlet in Empire Subang. That is a very quaint cafe that even from afar do seems to have some 'character'.

I've always wanted to try it there but this lil cram cafe is always full..

But then they opened a new outlet in 1 Utama. And well, this other outlet of theirs is bigger - and not as crowded, probably the reason it's tucked in a corner hidden from the shoppers.

Smiled seeing this :)

I truly like the ambience here which is quirky yet charming. Old tiles, cute tables and lil knick knacks as decorations.

Their staffs are also friendly - ala Starbucks style.

I've only had my tea here but yet to try their homemade cakes nor macaroons.. so I can't review that.

Btw, this cafe is not catered as temporary offices but more like a place but more like a place for some quick reading chit chat or to just chill (they boast of good music).

Well, there you go - another good cafe in town - reviewed! :)

LG3A @ Empire Mall or G139 @ 1 Utama

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