Monday, April 08, 2013

WeChat Party!

What do you do when you have a new TV commercial featuring new brand ambassadors? And them being one of the biggest stars in the country?

Throw a party that is! And well that's exactly what the messaging cum voice and video app - WeChat does!

Of course the party wouldn't be glam enough without the (online) socialites and bloggers!

So well, I (ehem, ehem) was invited to attend this rave party held at Neverland!

This wasn't an ordinary party - but a pretty lavish one.. starting off with photo taking opportunities, holding the WeChat fluffy or taking photo at the WeChat photo booth (ala those cute-sy Japanese booths).

Then, it was food time! This was accompanied with a series of performances from dance to our local artistes like Vivian Chua and Henly Hii.

Also present was the Vice President of Tencent - Poshu Yeung.. who gave a welcome speech and was also giving away prizes to winners who participated in the games on stage (which amongst others is like the iPad!).

The 2 ambassadors - everyone's darling, Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam were also revealed and the TVC featuring them were played.

Honestly, this is quite something. It's interesting to note that even Internet companies are now getting celebrities to endorse their products. This was never the case up to even just 2 years back (usually the CEO / Founder is the face of tech brands).

The other interesting point is in this messaging chat war game, WeChat seems to be doing things right - locally in Malaysia. Fans of these 2 main stars should pull in the masses they need.

Well, the party has really just begun!


  1. WeChat? So which one to use now - WhatsApp, WeChat, or LINE? LOL

  2. No doubt that WeChat has become one of the most used app across the globe, especially in Malaysia. :D

  3. I would say that WeChat has replaced WhatsApp for good. :D


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