Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Quirky From Kwerkee!

I love designs and other cool stuff. Well, quirky stuffs you may say.

So when I was given the opportunity to review this cool site - Kwerkee, you bet, I got excited!

Founded by the same people behind fashion site Reebonz, they have since last year come up with a site "dedicated to all the things aesthetically pleasing".

I've checked their site, and I must say that there are really some cool stuff... stuff that you don't see at the malls everyday.

I particularly like their iPhone covers. For yes, I do love pandas and bears, and have never came across such cute-sy lil designs before!

More bears - there's the Kikkerland zip and flip bear... where the bear changes into a pillow. Yes, I wonder how, but so the description says. Cool huh. 

Btw, these are some of the other stuff which I personally got to feel and use. Check them out!

Sushi lovers will love this stapler. I'm sure you'd be making a statement in office/ school too!

You might have probably seen this around. But well, Kwerkee carris this camera like thumbdrive too (along with many other types of thumbdrives). Well, I guess.. to them, why go with the conventional right? Make a statement when you can, and wherever you go!

Some people do like stylus pens (just like some who love qwerty keyboards.. lol). Well, forget those boring plain black stylus. Get a pencil lookalike that works just equally good!

More for the sushi fans. Get cute lil magents (and I mean real cute as these are small magnets). 

The best item I've toyed with is this cereal holder. I never really store my cereals apart from er... just leaving them in their packaging, all tied up. But hey, with this holder, I can now go all hotel like... and server breakfast in style!

Btw, a lil more about This site offers 2 items daily at 70% off (wow!). And well, shipping is just RM20 per order... meaning the more you buy, the more one saves on shipping!

Well, designers and design lovers.. now you know where to get your 'fix'! :)


  1. Yea, I'm intrigue by the cereal tower too. So tell me, is it air tight?

  2. Hi, I'm currently using it for oats so can't say if it's air tight as yet. Keep you posted when I use cereals next :)


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